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  • morgana-8000-feeder

    Morgana 8000 Suction Feeder

    Sale! £8,995.00 £4,750.00 ex Vat | £5,700.00 inc.VAT

  • Morgana DigiCoater 50 UV Coater

    Morgana DigiCoater 50 UV Coater

    Sale! £10,999.00 £8,750.00 ex Vat | £10,500.00 inc.VAT

    With the Morgana DigiCoater 50 UV coater you can protect,and enhance your digital and litho print work.  Adding a Gloss UV varnish has become a very popular way to make your colours look richer and more vivid.  The DigiCoater 50 allow for large format work to be coated with a wroking width of 500mm.

    The Model we have in now is a Digicoater 50 version 3 with 4 tanks, 2 rollers and a compressor.  It is also complete with the extractor unit and jogger.  RRP for all of this is £28,750+VAT.  The model was manufactured on 30th September 2008 and is in good condition.  Set up is made easy with the digital touch screen display.  Coating and sheet thickness is easily adjustable with 2 levers easily in reach of the operator

    • 500mm working width
    • RRP £28,750
    • easy to set up – digital touch screen display
    • coating thickness 6-14 microns
    • Gloss/Matt and textured finishes available on 1 machine
    • maximum coating length of 762mm
    • variable run speed of up to 30 metres per minute

  • Morgana Printbind KB2000 Perfect Binder

    Morgana Printbind KB2000 Perfect Binder

    Sale! £5,995.00 £4,495.00 ex Vat | £5,394.00 inc.VAT

    Perfect bind books up to 60mm in thickness with the Morgana Printbind KB2000 perfect binder.  This hot melt glue binder offers a strong and professional finish.

    A unique milling device provides the best sheet preperation allowing a high level amount of glue to all sheets.  Sheets are placed in to the pneumatic clamp and then transported across the milling station and glue rollers to the cover station.  The binding process is automatic and made easy by using just the ‘start’ button only.  Once the binding procees is complete the clamp releases the book to be taken out of the machine.  This machine requires compressed air.


    • Binding Length  120mm – 400mm
    • Binding Height  120mm – 320mm
    • Max. cover format  710mm – 440mm
    • Binding thickness  up to 60mm
    • max. cover thickness  120gsm – 300gsm

  • Morgana DigiCoater 33 UV Coater

    Morgana DigiCoater 33 UV Coater

    Sale! £15,500.00 £7,750.00 ex Vat | £9,300.00 inc.VAT

  • Morgana Nagel Neonak 1 Paper Stitcher

    Morgana Nagel Neonak 1 Paper Stitcher

    Sale! £2,500.00 £1,145.00 ex Vat | £1,374.00 inc.VAT


    Reduced to clear!

    Morgana Nagel Neonak 1 Stitcher available now.  This Stitching machine is in good working condition, available with several different staple sizes and original manual.  We got this machine form a council in-plant that closed down.

    Foot pedal operated, this stitcher gives the ability to saddle stitch and stab stitch.  You an also corner stitch.  In the video we are stab stitching 20mm of 80gsm stock with 24mm staples.  This Nagel Neonak 1 stitcher will take loop staples.  Side tables allow for easy stacking of documents, safety guarding and safety trip switch ensures operator safety when in use.

  • morgana-documaster-1

    Morgana DocuMaster Bookletmaker and Spinemaster

    Sale! £13,999.00 £11,995.00 ex Vat | £14,394.00 inc.VAT

  • Morgana FSN Rotary Numbering Machine

    Morgana FSN Rotary Numbering Machine

    Sale! £5,999.00 £4,850.00 ex Vat | £5,820.00 inc.VAT


    A Morgana FSN Rotary Numbering Machine received in from an NHS inplant.  Excellent condition, very little use in its lifetime.  Complete with 4 numbering heads.  This machine is suction fed and will do up to 9000 sheets per hour (operator dependant).  The sheets spacing system uses electronic pulses to feed the paper and the bottom feed, top loading operation allows for non-stop prodution.  The FSN is on wheels and easy to move and store when not required.  There is the option to score, slit and perf on the FSN.  Safety guards and interlocks make the machine used friendly and very safe.  The FSN can be fitted with up to 8 heads allowing numbering to be done any where on the page.

    • Maximum sheet size 457mm x 457mm
    • Minimum sheet size 210mm x 125mm

  • Morgana UFO1 Folding Machine

    Morgana UFO1 Folding Machine

    Sale! £3,750.00 £2,195.00 ex Vat | £2,634.00 inc.VAT


    Received in mid October 2014.  This machine is in good condition and good running order.  The popular Morgana UFO 1 folder is easy to set up and will fold formats up to SRA 2.  Suction feed with on the run loading for high productivity.  Each fold plate measurement is easily visible and quick to change saving time on job changes.

  • Morgana ElectroCreaser

    Morgana ElectroCreaser


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    The semi-automatic ElectroCreaser is the ideal unit for printers who need something faster than a manual creaser – such as the Morgana DocuCrease – but cannot justify the cost of a fully automated machine like the AutoCreaser. It is available in 36cm and 52cm working width models.

  • DocuCrease_35-52

    Morgana DocuCrease 35/52

    Sale! £655.00£690.00 £590.00£625.00 ex Vat | £708.00 inc.VAT

    The Morgana DocuCrease 35/52 creasing machine is the entry level manual creaser suitable for schools, offices, copy shops and digital printers.

    350mm or 520mm working width this hand creaser is designed for small volume applications, the Morgana DocuCrease is a hand operated machine, which has adjustable stops for multi creasing down the sheet.

    Like the fully automated Morgana AutoCreaser, the DocuCrease has been designed to overcome the cracking problems encountered when trying to fold material from digital or litho based print engines. The new digital machines often use toner, which will crack on the material, particularly if the grain is running in the wrong direction. The Morgana DocuCrease is the ideal entry level creasing solution to these problems.

  • Morgana Nagel Citoborma 190 Drill

    Morgana Nagel Citoborma 190 Drill

    £2,330.00 ex Vat | £2,796.00 inc.VAT

    The Citoborma 190 single head drill is well known to be industry standard and remarkably user friendly.  It has 6 pre-programmed different hole patterns set up within a second.  It is a table top model with a quick release sliding table.

    Max paper width   470mm
    Max drill depth     60mm
    Drill diameter      2 to 20mm

  • morgana-auto-creaser-33-mk1

    Morgana Auto Creaser 33

    Now Sold

    We have just taken delivery of a Morgana Autocreaser in good condition.  Received from a bank in-plant that closed.  Designed for digitally printed work, to stop cracking when folded.

    Batch counter function, programmable memory for common jobs and quick set up times.

    Contact us to arrange a demo


  • Morgana Major Folding Machine

    Morgana Major Folding Machine

    £3,250.00 ex Vat | £3,900.00 inc.VAT


    We now have for sale a good condition Morgana Major folding machine that was received in part exchange from a digital printers this year when they needed to upgrade to a larger folder.

    The machine is in full working order and can be viewed running at our showroom.  Complete with perf module and receiving tray

    The perfect suction folder for smaller format folding.

    The Morgana Major has been designed to offer a wide range of ‘big machine’ features within a compact and easy to operate design. Changing from one size to another size, or for different folds, can be accomplished in seconds. The Morgana Major incorporates counting and batching, with perforating and scoring as standard.

    A number of unique features have been developed to ensure that the Morgana Major can handle output from digital processes, as well as litho printing.

    These differing printing or imaging processes can affect the characteristics of the paper and create curled or easily marked material. The Morgana Major easily compensates for these situations and has been designed for both very short or very long run lengths.

    Like all Morgana products, the Major offers unmatched performance and value.

    Innovation – The Morgana Major incorporates many unique features:

    The feed table incorporates a low pressure suction chamber which controls either curled or static charged paper positively before feeding into the fold rollers.

    A ‘Register Table’ to align sheets before folding to ensure accuracy.

    ‘Variable speed’ from 4,500 to 27,500 SPH

    The fold rollers are extremely durable and have the ability to handle stock from 45 gsm2 to 240 gsm2 without adjustment. Their unique composite material will positively grip high gloss papers or work from digital printers and they are not affected by paper dust or spray powder.

    Compactness – Work is delivered back to the operator via a long belt stacker, ensuring that the Morgana Major utilises the minimum ‘footprint’. An operator can load or off-load the machine from one position.

    Simplicity – Paper is positioned against a side lay and there is just one setting on the loading table when changing sheet sizes.

    Full Packaging – The Morgana Major is supplied with both counting/batching and double sheet/anti-jam detection as standard equipment.

    Perforating/Scoring – Plug-in technology is a standard feature and allows the operator to set the perforating/scoring unit prior to use. A catch-tray collects the work.

    Low Maintenance Costs – The Morgana Major has been designed to offer reliability and extremely low service costs. For example, the fold-rollers can be removed and replaced in less than 5 minutes.

    ‘Dial-a-Fold’ plate settings which enables all adjustments to be made without removing the covers. An LED display accurate to 0.1mm shows the fold plate position and allows easy and accurate repeat job settings.

    ‘Larger sheet size’ – a larger format of 365mm width and 648mm length makes the Morgana Major even more flexible.
    ‘Variable Speed’ – Fully adjustable speed from 4500 to 27,500 sheets per hour.

    Standard Counting/Batching is operated from the same control panel.
    Low noise levels.
    Pulsed action suction feed.
    Optional rear delivery for heavier materials.

  • Morgana CardXtra Business Card Cutter

    Morgana CardXtra Business Card Cutter

    Sale! £3,750.00 £2,995.00 ex Vat | £3,594.00 inc.VAT


    Used Morgana CardXtra now in stock.  Cuts documents quickly and accurately up to SRA3 formats.  Low cost, efficient multifunctional finishing machine ideal for digital and litho printers.

    The ultimate SRA3+ Business card & Document AutoCutter that anyone can use to simplify cutting tasks and achieve higher productivity.

    Fast, versatile and and very easy to use, the suction feed CardXtra is ideal for the on-demand environment and features the ability to take A3 plus sheets in weights upto 325gsm. It produces 140 business cards a minute (7  x 20 up sheets) and can also be used for postcards and other formats. It allows extremely fast set-up and has quick-change rotary blades. It has pre-select programmes for different cutters as well as pre-programmable memory for storing common jobs.

    A recognition sensor allows the Cardxtra to follow the printed image. This is achievable by printing a special mark on the sheet, the size and position of which are available on the downloadable templates.

    Engineered to accept SRA3+ paper and card (320 x 469.5mm) and accurately cut small, medium and high volumes of paper and card while allowing the operator to get on with other tasks.