Komfi Aspira Laminator

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The Komfi Aspira is a heavy duty single sided laminator. The operator manually loads the sheet and it is fed with belt conveyor to the heated roller. The sheet length is set on the touch screen control system and a sensor detects if a sheet has not been loaded. Sheets are then laminated at speeds of up to 15m / min. The Komfi Aspira uses standard film with a 3 inch (77mm) core. Film lengths of up to 3000 miters can be used.

The unwinding of film is very smooth due to the mechanical brake, eliminating any imperfections on the roll of film. Film is perforated to allow for easy separation of laminated sheets and there is also a slitting blade to cut film to bespoke sizes.
The roller pressure is easily adjustable to suite a variety of paper stocks.


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