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Binding Store supply a full range of the best staplers and paper stitchers, stitching machines in the UK. CALL US on 01442 531125 to discuss your needs.

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Stago HM12 BS-Saddle/stab staple
Electric flat or saddle stapling Flat stapling up to 12mm Precise - versatile - robust Guid..
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Stago HM15/2- Twin head saddle/stab stapler
Stago HM15/2- Twin head saddle/stab stapler Twin staple heads (80mm centres) Very heavy duty ..
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Rapid 105 Electric Stapler
The rapid 105 stapler has a sleek design and is quiet whilst in operation.  It has a safety ..
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Rapid 106 Electric Stapler
The Rapid 106 stapler is ideal for booklet stapling or edge stapling.  It's the newer, repla..
£995.00 £395.00
Introma ZD-2SR Stitcher
The Introma ZD-2SR heavy duty Saddle Stitcher will stitch from two sheets up ..
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Stago H18T- Heavy duty manual stapler
Stago H18T heavy duty manual stapler Heavy Duty manual stapler Stitches up to 18mm thickness ..
£795.00 £735.00
Stago HM18 BSS- Treadle stapler
Stago HM18 BSS- Treadle stapler Manual foot treadle stapler Flat or saddle staple 300mm thr..
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Stago HM6-Saddle/Stab staple
Electric flat or saddle stapling 2-60 sheets 80 gsm Normal or loop staples 1 and 2 head mod..
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Stago HM12- Stab Stapler
Heavy duty flat stapler Electric flat (stab) stapling 2-120 sheets (12mm, stapling capacity w..
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Refurbished Vickers Paper Stitcher now for sale. Can saddle stitch and stab stitch up to 2". ..
Rapid 106 Electric Stapler
Ex-demo Rapid 106 Electric Stapler with foot pedal available now.  This machien has been use..
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