2006 Horizon CABS4000 Binding Line

2006 Horizon CABS4000 Binding Line

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2006 Horizon CABS4000 Binding Line. 9 Clamp Perfect Binding Machine.  High speed binding line that allows for up to 4000 books to be perfect bound per hour

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2006 Horizon CABS4000 Binding Line

the 2006 Horizon CABS4000 Binding Line is a 9 clamp perfect binder, that allows up to 4000 books per hour to be bound.  the high speed perfect binder is ideal for short to medium run lengths that require a professional, quality perfect bound finish.  Complete with 3 knife trimmer that allows for job change overs to be easy with a simple LCD screen.

Complete with:

  • MG-60ha System Gatherer
  • MG-60hb System Gatherer
  • MG60-hl Connecting Unit
  • MG-ch Book Block Sensor Unit
  • 12 x CCD-Mga CCD Cameras
  • R-15 Connecting Belt Unit
  • SB-09 9 clamp binder
  • PM-2011 Pre-Melt Tank Unit
  • TM-5 Side Glue Supply Unit
  • VS-09 Smoke Extractor Unit
  • DB-15 Milling BLower Unit
  • KB-15 Pier Unit
  • PP-101 Stack Orientation Unit
  • 8M Cooling Conveyor (straight type) plus 90* turn conveyor
  • BP-101 Conveyor Power Supply Unit
  • HT-101 Three-Knife Trimmer
  • SSP-100 Silicon Spray Unit
  • CV-101 Roller Delivery Unit
  • CVA-101 Roller Delivery Unit Accordion Type

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