2014 Renz SRW-360 Comfort

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Binding Store are pleased to offer this 2014 Renz SRW-360 Comfort 3:1 combined Electric punch and manual wire closing machine. Fully serviced by our very own ex Renz Service manager. Save over 55% on New!

Renz SRW comfort – Electric wire binding machine

The Renz SRW comfort – Electric wire binding machine is a combined electrical punch and manual closing machine (3:1 pitch)

The basic electrical model for Ring Wire  binding, comfortable electric punching and manual binding. An economical solution for small to medium quantities. The motor runs only when the food pedal is pressed so that it uses electricity only during the punching cycle. [otherwise as model SRW].

Technical Details

length, width, height: 43, 57, 25 cm [17″, 22.5″, 10″]
weight: 28.5 kg [62.7 lb.]
selectable punch pins
punching thickness: 2 mm / 0.08″ [20 sheets / 20# paper]
adjustable margin
binding thickness: up to 12 mm [1 1/2″] / 120 sheets (20# paper)
Ø of the wire comb elements: up to 14.3 mm [9/16″]
binding performance: up to 280 books per hour
work width: up to maximum 34 cm [13.5″]
number of punching pins: 38
pitch: 3:1
loops on A 4: 34 [US model 32]
punching capacity: up to 10.000 sheets per hour
motor: 230 V, 50 Hz / 90 W; on request 110 V, 60 Hz / 90 W
package types of the elements: Wire pack, trays
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