Top Ten Fun Things to do with a Laminator

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Most people will only use a laminator at work – in a school environment perhaps, to create flashcards for a test, or to create an information sheet for the wall. The Binding Store have range of home laminators to choose from. Home lamination uses are much more fun than business projects and you can be much more creative. So we have created a list of ten fun things to do with a laminator for your inspiration…

Fun Things to do with a Laminator with Kids

Fun things to do with a laminator

  1. Colouring Books – Creating a colouring book is one of the many fun things to do with a laminator with your kids. There are different options: you can make and fill in a colouring book and then laminate it to maintain your child’s artistic masterpiece; or you can create a reusable book using a laminator so that the drawings can be rubbed out and re-done – the perfect hand-me-down.
  2. Memory books – Children have so many valuable moments when they’re growing up. Creating a memory book of their activity not only provides a great piece of memorabilia but is also a fun and creative thing that you can do together. Laminating the book will then preserve the memories and keep them in a good condition for longer.
  3. Flower Pressing – a fun pastime to do with your kids is flower pressing. You can go out and collect flowers together and press them. Laminating them will preserve the beautiful flowers you find and make them last for years to come.
  4. Book marks – Why not try making your own book marks? You can have some fun coming up with your own designs and then be creative with paint and glitter and then turn them into something more practical with lamination. This can also be done to make placemats and can be used as a party favour.
  5. Games – Creating your own games at home can be a great money-saving activity and is another fun thing to do with a laminator. A laminator can be used to make hangman or nought and crosses i.e. games where you can re-use the board by simply wiping the laminated service clean.

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Fun but More Practical Uses of a Laminator

  1. Playing Cards – Have you ever tried to make your own playing cards? Whether you want to make the whole pack or just the one that’s missing from your deck, rather than attempting to play with flimsy bits of paper, you should try laminating them.
  2. Photos – Another of the fun things to do with a laminator is laminating photographs. Nowadays everyone keeps their photographs on computers but if you do like a more “old-school” approach then laminating hard copies of photos can keep them in good condition. It’s also a good idea for preserving old photos and family memories that you don’t want to forget.
  3. Recipes – We all find recipes from magazines or the internet that we love. But then the worry is that we lose them or they get covered in water or food whilst cooking. Laminating these recipes will not only make them easier to file but also keep them in a good condition and easy to clean.
  4. Travel Tags – A more practical use for a laminating machine is to create your own travel tags for your holiday luggage. No more losing your case at the airport or struggling to find it on the luggage collection conveyor belt! Making your own travel tag will not only keep your information visible but you can personalise it and make it as funky and eye-catching as you like!
  5. Waterproofing – if you’re camping or going on an outdoor activity then laminating can prove very useful. Especially with the unpredictable UK weather, keeping directions, maps and recipes safe and dry could be very handy when everything else is sopping wet!

There are endless lists of fun things to do with a laminator so why not come up with your own ideas! For more information on the products that the Binding Store have on offer please take a look at our range of laminating machines available.