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  • Busch TB 39 -Banding machine

    Busch TB 39 -Banding machine

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    Table banding machine TB39

    The new designed TB 39 offers a larger banding format. The tape guide is closed on top as the larger loop needs greater stability.

    Two models are available: TB39-30 for 30mm tape and TB39-50 for 50mm tape. The maximum width of products to be banded is 390mm and the maximum pile height is 200mm. The stacks are fed centred above the sensor and sealing plate or on adjustable position stops offered as an option.
    The standard equipment includes an electronic temperature control and digital display with error message.

    For high volume production the removable stand real is offered. Table height is adjustable for different applications. In order to avoid frequent reel changes, the stand carries large reels of 800 meters  of Kraft paper or 1200 meters of foil tape. The stand moves on four casters, Two of which can be fixed. One electrical connection supplies both the banding machine and large reel stand. *Sold separately*

  • Busch TB24 Banding machine

    Busch TB24 Banding machine

    £4,250.00 ex Vat | £5,100.00 inc.VAT

    A table-top model which can be used anywhere in the company; manually-fed and very versatile in the range of work it can handle.

    Banding material is either kraft paper tape (brown or white) or polypropylene foil. Two sizes of machine are available with a simple internal adjustment of tape width:

    For 20 & 30 mm. tape width
    For 40 & 50 mm. tape width

    Can be operated by:

    An automatic sensor
    By means of a foot pedal

    Large reel stand

    For high volume production a large reel stand offers longer intervals between reel changes – kraft paper tape length is 800 m. – compared with 150 m. on the internal reel. The large reel stand can also be wheeled to wherever it is needed, then the wheels are locked for safety. The stand can be retro-fitted to a current model banding machine at any time. *Sold Separately*