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  • Italdibipack SpeedBag Evolution polybag inserter

    Italdibipack SpeedBag Evolution polybag inserter

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    SPEEDBAG EVOLUTION is the right system to package newspapers, catalogues and wholesale publications. This system uses only one polyethylene flat film roll, printed or transparent (maximum thickness 3 mils), placed upon a motor driven roller. The film is inserted in a width adjustable conformation, which refolds it on itself and form a bag around the product. One longitudinal and two transversal sealing obtain closing. Product ejection is automatic.
    Self adjusting booklet length through photocell.
    Independent sealing bars with electronic control for cutting temperature.
    Booklet automatic tracking.
    Wide plane support for magazines and labels.
    Bag length From 3.25″ to 14.5″
    Bag width From 5.5″ to 11″
    Maximum thickness  3/4 ”
    Machine dimensions 37″ x 25.5″ x 44.5″ H
    Max. roll width  24″
    Shipping weight 450 lbs.

  • DibiPack 4255 EV Shrink Wrapper

    DibiPack 4255 EV Shrink Wrapper

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    Simplified heat-shrinking wrappers with advanced control and management of cycle, designed to guarantee high performances together with ease of use and maintenance.

    Working Cycle electronically controlled by a microprocessor
    Automatic adjustment of sealing-time: the machine adjusts the sealing-time automatically according to the packaging speed.
    It is possible to memorize 8 different working programs
    Energy-saving function: the machine goes in “stand-by? if it does not work for a recordable period

    Possibility to start shrinking when sealing is completed
    Hold-down solenoid: the hood remains closed up to the end of shrinking.

    Starting control with proximity
    Hood may be released after fan stopping to avoid the escape of hot air at the end of the cycle
    Reopening system through gas spring

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