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  • Duplo DBM-150 Booklet Maker Trimmer

    Duplo DBM-150 Booklet Maker Trimmer

    Sale! £10,000.00 £7,999.00 ex Vat | £9,598.80 inc.VAT

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    The Duplo DBM-150 booklet maker and trimmer is the smallest automatic booklet maker on the market.  User friendly and so simple to set up the DBM-150 is a great entry level booklet maker for people looking to start out booklet making.  With 4 finishing options and proven reliable technology the DBM-150 really expands your offering.

  • Duplo PFI 490 Programmable Guillotine

    Duplo PFI 490 Programmable Guillotine

    Sale! £3,650.00 £2,650.00 ex Vat | £3,180.00 inc.VAT


    The Duplo PFI 490 paper guillotine is hydraulic and fully programmable.  Stopre up to 100 different programs for ease of use and quick changeover of jobs.  Hydraulic clamp and blade for powerful and accurate cutting of up to 80mm thickness.  Conveniant and safe cutting thanks to the light beam safety guards.  Electronic backguage with fine adjuster make changing cutting sizes quick and simple.

    This Guillotine has a very small footprint and would be ideal for schools, copy shops or any one looking for an affordable first guillotine.  Complete with 4 spare blades

    • Fully progammable – store up to 100 programmes with up to 24 cuts in each
    • Light beam safety system
    • Electronic back gauge with fine adjuster
    • Small footprint for environments with little space
    • Ideal for SRA3 format
    • 80mm cutting height
  • Oslo MC-200 Manual A3 Paper/Card Creasing Machine

    Oslo MC-200 Manual A3 Paper/Card Creasing Machine

    Sale! £220.00 £120.00 ex Vat | £144.00 inc.VAT

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    Make light work of creasing with the Oslo Mc-200 Manual Paper Creasing Machine. A fantastic entry level machine, this is a great solution for all small creasing jobs. Quick and easy to set up with measurement scales to give accurate positioning, it is ideal for in-house creasing in schools, offices and copy shops.

  • Duplo DC-10000S Collator DC-48ST Stacker

    Duplo DC-10000S Collator DC-48ST Stacker

    Now Sold

    The Duplo DC-10000S is a 10 station suction fed collator that has dual exits depending on what you require.  All 10 bins have has new suckers fitted recently.  The system comes complete with air compressor.  The collator allows for covers to be hand fed manually, then triggering one collated set of sheets to follow and so on.

    The Duplo DC-48ST is a deep pile stacker that is for straight or offset stacking.

  • Duplo DF-1000 Suction Folding Machine

    Duplo DF-1000 Suction Folding Machine

    Sale! £6,999.00 £3,350.00 ex Vat | £4,020.00 inc.VAT

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    The DF-1000 is a folder designed around the needs of digital print with fast set up for short run work and suction feed to cope with the papers that are used in digital printing. This market requires ease of use, which the DF-1000 delivers, but also the sort of finish that larger industrial folders produce – which the DF-1000 also delivers.


    • A3- B6 sizes accepted
    • 5 fold types
    • automatic set up
    • top feeding
    • quiet and delicate for digital print


  • Duplo DB-280 Perfect Binder

    Duplo DB-280 Perfect Binder

    £8,750.00 ex Vat | £10,500.00 inc.VAT

    The DB-280 perfect binder is a compact, entry level perfect binding machine. It is capable of perfect binding, padding and even case binding for hardcover books.  It is ideal for books, note pads NCR sets etc.  Safety cover ensures full operator safety.


    • Wraparound clamp press
    • LED display
    • Precise settings
    • Max. 40mm thickness
    • Max size – 320 x 400mm
    • 250gsm cover max.
  • Duplo DC-615 Multi Finisher

    Duplo DC-615 Multi Finisher

    Sale! £14,999.00 £11,950.00 ex Vat | £14,340.00 inc.VAT

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    The DC-615 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser performs exactly as it states: accurate creasing, slitting or cutting of digitally printed work. It is an ideal answer to the question of how best to finish many types of short run digital print which can result in cracking problems when using standard finishing machinery. The single unit offers a multiple of finishing options to create a myriad of professionally finished saleable products in a single pass. Duplo’s understanding of the problems associated with digitally printed material has led to the inclusion of features to keep the unit operating to its full potential. Despite this versatility, the DC-615 is simple to operate thanks to touch-panel displays and well-conceived user interface.


    • 6 slits, 1 knife and 1 creaser
    • range of applications
    • single pass finishing
    • high production levels
  • Duplo Crease and Folding System for Digital Print

    Duplo Crease and Folding System for Digital Print

    £0.00 ex Vat | £0.00 inc.VAT

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    This creasing and folding system was designed to be an additional module to the duplo DC-445.  It has 8 different fold types.


    • Easy operation
    • Folds items up to 3 across the sheet
    • increased flexibility
    • higher productivity


  • Duplo DC-445 DuCreaser Creasing Machine

    Duplo DC-445 DuCreaser Creasing Machine

    £0.00 ex Vat | £0.00 inc.VAT

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    Digital printing requires creasing before folding in order to prevent unwanted cracking and the DC-445 Ducreaser is the ideal machine for this task. Designed to cope with short runs with fast set up and multiple creasing options to handle a wide range of products. Optional perforating and slitting modules extend the usefulness of the DC-445 Ducreaser still further.


    • Automatic suction feeder
    • No marking on sheet
    • Eay operation
    • Perforating included free
    • Upgrade path
  • Duplo Auto Bookie Booklet Maker

    Duplo Auto Bookie Booklet Maker

    Sale! £1,235.00 £295.00 ex Vat | £354.00 inc.VAT

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    The Duplo Autobookie is the simplest way of turning printed sheets into booklets, improving presentation and the quality of a printed job. Feed in double-sided printed sheets, decide on saddle stitching or side stapling and apply the lever. As it is moved back, the completed booklet is ejected.

    Great for schools, colleges and community booklets


    • Self centering guides
    • accurate staple/fold positions
    • Powered fold rollers
    • automatic booklet ejection


  • Duplo PFI 520 Guillotine

    Duplo PFI 520 Guillotine

    Sale! £13,995.00 £2,995.00 ex Vat | £3,594.00 inc.VAT


    Duplo PFI 520 hydraulic guillotine. Council inplant machine that has seen hardly any use at all. Well maintained and always serviced.

    This model is perfect for digital/ SRA3 paper due to its maximum size of 520mm and hydraulic cutting motion. It has adjustable clamp pressure and comes complete with all tools for blade changing. It is on casters so is easily moved and is a single phase machine.

    It can be viewed running in our showroom at Hemel Hempstead.

    Powerful cutting action.
    Adjustable clamp pressure.
    Single phase power supply.
    Frame in cast iron mono-bloc.
    Cutting line.
    High quality HSS steel blade.

  • Duplo DC-645 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser

    Sale! £9,945.00 £6,500.00


    Duplo DC-645 Finishing System for cutting, slitting and creasing documents such as business cards, menus, brochures and greeting cards.  The DC-645 has been recognised as a high quality finishing system within the digital market.  It offers first turnaround print production with 4 finishing processes in just 1 pass.  It can store up to 80 preprogrammed jobs in its memory which are programmed by a Windows PC.  £49,000+VAT List price

    This DC 645 is complete with the business card module option which allows for 21 up business cards to be produced in 1 pass.

    This machine is due in to us in September 2014 and is complete with inline folding unit and stacker unit.

    Key Features

    • Process up to 26 sheets per minute
    • 80 memory programs
    • Up to 6 slits, 15 cuts and 10 creases in a single pass
    • Barcode scanner
    • Complete with Windows PC with job creator software
    • Will take a full 650mm x 370mm, 350gsm sheet

    Contact us to arrange a demonstration

  • Duplo PFI-660 Guillotine

    Duplo PFI-660 Guillotine

    £2,995.00 ex Vat | £3,594.00 inc.VAT


    Binding Store now have in stock a Duplo PFI-660 Guillotine in very good condition.  Fully programmable hydraulic guillotine with 100 programme memory with the abiliy to do 24 cuts on each.  Automatic clamp that is hydraulic.  Light beam safety guards for complete operator safety. Complete with spare blade

    660 Hydraulic Cutter that cuts up to 80mm, ideal for business cards

    With its rugged construction, solid cast-iron frame, and powerful hydraulics, the 660 cutter is designed to meet rigorous workflow demands.

    Please call to arrange a demonstration.

    Offering dependable, precision paper trimming, Duplo’s  660 cutter is constructed of solid cast-iron and powerful hydraulics for long-lasting performance. Accuracy and ease-of-use are ensured by special features such as an eye-level readout that shows paper position in inches, millimeters or Centimeters. Additional features include an illuminated optical cutting line; a foot-powered clamp for cutting difficult stock; false clamp plates to protect super-sensitive stock; and a special “anti-friction surface” that allows trouble-free handling of all types of paper stocks. The 660 accommodates cuts 26.5″ wide and paper heights up to 3.93″.