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  • Fastback 20 Thermal Binding Machine

    Fastback 20 Thermal Binding Machine

    Sale! £3,795.00 £3,500.00 ex Vat | £4,200.00 inc.VAT

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    The Fastback 20 Thermal Binding Machine is a great solution for any busy office, copy shop or print environment as it offers a binding process that takes under 20 seconds to complete.  The Fastback 20 Thermal Binding Machine offers users the ability to bind up to 350 sheets with the ease and simplicity of the ‘one touch function’.  This means no special training is needed to operate this binder.

    The Fastback 20 offers 6 different binding styles including strip, soft cover and hard cover.  The machine is twice as productive as the older Fastback 9E model and 3.5 times quicker than any conventional punching and wire or comb binding system.

    With this machine there is now the option to have brand/company logos and information printed on the spine strips for a real professional and personal touch and look to your finished reports or documents.

    1. Prepare book block and place in to the machine
    2. Press green button then insert correct size binding strip
    3. Wait 20 seconds and the bound document is automatically released
    • Binds up to 350 sheets
    • Binding is done in in under 20 seconds
    • no special training required
    • works with personalised binding spine strips
  • Fastback 9E Binding Machine

    Fastback 9E Binding Machine

    Sale! £2,999.00 £1,495.00 ex Vat | £1,794.00 inc.VAT

    The Fastback 9E Thermal Binding Machine is an ideal solution for offices or print environments looking to bind documents up to 250 sheets.  It offers 4 different binding styles – Strip, Halfback, Perfectback and Hardcover.  With the Fastback 9E binding of documents is done in under 40 seconds and simply by the push of one button

    1. Place document in top of machine, and knock up to one side
    2. Press the green button and insert binding strip
    3. binding process is automated and comleted book is then released within 40 seconds
    • Affordable binding option
    • 4 different binding styles
    • very simple to use – no training required
    • binds up to 250 sheets
    • binding process takes under 40 seconds