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  • GBC Ultima 35 Ezload A3 Roll Laminator

    GBC Ultima 35 Ezload A3 Roll Laminator

    Sale! £275.00 £175.00 ex Vat | £210.00 inc.VAT


    The GBC Ultima 35 Ezload is a versatile little roll fed laminator ideal for the education sector but also suaitable for offices lookingto enhance and protect documents.  With the Ultima 35 Ezload technology it means rolls are always mounted the correct way, making it easy for the operator to change over.  Ready to use within a minute of turning on the GBC Ultima 35 Ezload is ideal for one off jobs or continuous short run work such as banners or notices.

    This machine is an ex-demo machine that is in great condition and complete with 2 rolls of gloss film already loaded


    • Laminate 85 micron thickness up to 500 micron thickness
    • Variable temperature
    • Protect and enhance your printed documents, banners, signs, menus etc.
    • Will laminate up to A3
    • Impossible to load film incorrectly
    • Very simple to use
    • RRP £795+VAT
  • GBC AP-2 Ultra Auto Punching Machine

    GBC AP-2 Ultra Auto Punching Machine

    Sale! £4,850.00 £4,500.00 ex Vat | £5,400.00 inc.VAT

    Good condition, full working order GBC AP-2 Ultra Autopunch, complete with 3:1 round and comb dies.  Very quick set up times, no over complicated adjustments, this autopunch is one of the most versatile and user friendly on the market.  An LCD screen gives clear instructions on how to operate, takes paper sizes A4 and A5, compact and on casters so easy to store when not in use.  Continuous loading and onloading allow for high productivity.  The feed hopper will hold upto 2500 sheets of 80gsm stock.

    We also have a brand new 2/4 hole die for the GBC AP-2 Ultra available at an additional cost

  • GBC SRA2 Desktop Encapsulator

    GBC SRA2 Desktop Encapsulator

    Sale! £545.00 £445.00 ex Vat | £534.00 inc.VAT


    Used GBC SRA2 Desktop Encapsulator, full woring condition.  This machine is ideal for people looking for a cheap solution to keep encapsulation in house.  Built in cooling fan, will take up to 455mm wide film, in thicknesses up to 250 microns.  Simple to set up and operate.

  • GBC TL2900 Electric Wire Closer

    GBC TL2900 Electric Wire Closer

    Sale! £2,795.00 £695.00 ex Vat | £834.00 inc.VAT


    Used GBC TL2900 Electric Wire Closer, speeds up the process of wire binding as well as easing the closing process for the operator.  Closes wires from 1/4″ up to 1 1/4″.  LED guide lights for operating process, adjustable knob for fine adjustment of spine closing.  Fully working condition.  RRP £2795 +VAT

  • GBC PB2600 Electric Comb Binder

    GBC PB2600 Electric Comb Binder

    Sale! £1,158.00 £70.00 ex Vat | £84.00 inc.VAT


    Binding Store has 3 GBC PB2600 electric comb openers for sale that acquired from a company closure. Each machine is in good condition and full working order.  Simply rotate a knob on the side of the machine to choose what diameter comb you are opening.  The size is indicated by an LED light.  Push the button to open the comb, load your sheets then press the button again to close your comb and remove your finished document.

    RRP for a brand new PB2600 is £1158+VAT!!

    • Electric opening and binding for convenience and increased productivity.
    • Max. Paper width   297mm
    • Binding capacity   450 sheets
    • Adjustable binding knob
    • LED display
    • Button operated
  • GBC SureBind System 3 Pro

    GBC SureBind System 3 Pro

    Sale! £3,264.00 £1,109.00 ex Vat | £1,330.80 inc.VAT


    We have 1 NEW AND BOXED GBC Sure bind System 3 Pro available at an unbeleivable 66% discount. RRP for this machine is £3264+VAT.

    Our price is £1109+VAT

    The SureBind System 3 Pro is a high volume, high capacity strip binding machine. This heavy duty system easily punches and binds large documents. The pressure bar simply lifts up and returns to indicate when binding is complete and is adjustable for faster turnaround on smaller presentations. Punch more efficiently with your choice of push button, punch-sensor or foot pedal operation. There is also an option to automatically debind doocuments if needed. This machine can bind securely documents up to 750 sheets.

    Binds up to 750 sheets (80gsm)
    Twin motors allows simultaneous punching and binding
    De-bind facility for adding or removing pages
    Electric Punching Throat: Punch up to 26 sheets of 80gsm paper in a single lift
    Special dual blade system ensures a hot blade is always at the right temperature to cut the pins
    Dual Punching Controls: Hands-free foot pedal or push button allows you to choose your preferred punching method
    An optional document bind counter to monitor throughput
    Binds A4 or A5 documents
    Binding cycle 10-18 seconds. (for documents over 1″)
    Binding cycle 8 seconds or less. (for documents under 1″)
    Extra large drawer for paper chips and pin debris
    Adjustable paper alignment guide