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  • horizon spf10 II

    Horizon MC-80a, MC-80m SPF-10 II , FC10 Booklet maker

    £7,194.00 ex Vat | £8,632.80 inc.VAT
  • 2006 Horizon CABS4000 Binding Line

    2006 Horizon CABS4000 Binding Line

    Sale! £145,000.00 £139,999.00 ex Vat | £167,998.80 inc.VAT

    2006 Horizon CABS4000 Binding Line. 9 Clamp Perfect Binding Machine.  High speed binding line that allows for up to 4000 books to be perfect bound per hour

  • Horizon BQ-220 Perfect Binding Machine

    Sale! £4,750.00 £3,450.00 ex Vat | £4,140.00 inc.VAT

    Now Sold

    The Horizon BQ-220 is a perfect binding machine that will do books from 3mm up to 40mm in thickness.  It has an automatic cover feeder for faster production.  Set up is simple and the binding process is simply started by 1 button.  It has a milling option that can be selected.  The reverse spinning application ensures super strong binding retention through excellent glue penetration.  Equipped with guards for full operator safety. Max. Book Size, 320×320 mm. Min. Book Size, 135 x 105mm at speeds of up to 250 books per hour.

    Contact us today to arrange a viewing of this great value Perfect Binding Machine.

  • Horizon AFC 492 Folding Machine

    Horizon AFC 492 Folding Machine

    Sale! £5,999.00 £4,500.00 ex Vat | £5,400.00 inc.VAT


    Used Horizon AFC 492 folding machine now available.  Good working condition after minimal use.  Ideal for smaller printers and trade binders  The machine works with 2 buckle fold plates and a cross knife fold.  Single up to 16 page folds making 8 different fold types possible.  Total and preset counter available, feed and error messages on heads up monitor.  590mm high feed pile table.

    • Max sheet width – Parallel fold 105mm to 490mm – Knife fold 182mm to 490mm
    • Max sheet length – 648mm
    • Rotary feeder with suction head


  • Horizon PF-P 320 Desktop Folding Machine

    Horizon PF-P 320 Desktop Folding Machine

    Sale! £3,850.00 £1,995.00 ex Vat | £2,394.00 inc.VAT


    We have now received in a brand new Horizon PF-P320 folding machine from bankrupt stock. The machine is brand new and is available with all the original packaging and box.

  • Horizon BQ18ii Perfect Binder

    Horizon BQ18ii Perfect Binder

    Sale! £4,400.00 £1,980.00 ex Vat | £2,376.00 inc.VAT



    The Horizon BQ-18ii is a Perfect Binder that provides a quality finish in just 23 seconds.  With a RRP of £4400 Binding Store Ltd. are offering a huge 55% discount making it available for just £1980.

    Simple and quick operation makes this perfect binder ideal for offices, to keep safe things such as invoices, PC print outs and produce reports with a professional finish.  3 easy steps make for easy operation, simply place your document in the clamp, press start and then retrieve the document when its been glued.

    • Max. Binding Width      440mm
    • Max. Binding Thickness      70mm
    • Glue Warm Up Time      10 mins.
  • Horizon PC-45SC Guillotine/Paper Cutter

    Horizon PC-45SC Guillotine/Paper Cutter

    Sale! £4,574.00 £1,650.00 ex Vat | £1,980.00 inc.VAT


    The Horizon PC-45SC Paper Cutter is ideal for offices, schools, and in plant pinters and binderies. Its efficient, reliable safe and simple to use. Two-hand throw in switches activate the blade to lower and then move back to its resting position even if the switches aren’t released. The machines is simple to use but leaves a professional cut.

  • Horizon BQ-P60 Perfect Binder

    Horizon BQ-P60 Perfect Binder

    Sale! £4,295.00 £3,855.00 ex Vat | £4,626.00 inc.VAT

    With this Horizon BQ-P60 Perfect Binder three different types of binding are available in an easy process that requires no special training, making it an ideal solution for offices, schools etc.  It’s compact design allows for table top use and has an eco-mode to reduce power consumption.

    Choose from paper padding, tape strip binding or soft cover perfect binding.  All these binding methods on this machine make for a professional and attractive to finish to all documents

    Productivity is high with Horizon saying 180 books per hour can be produced.

  • Horizon APC-61iiSB -Guillotine

    Horizon APC-61iiSB -Guillotine

    £16,350.00 ex Vat | £19,620.00 inc.VAT

    The Horizon APC-61IISB Programmable Hydraulic Cutter
    provides highly accurate cutting, durability, and simple
    operation. No special skills are required to operate the
    APC-61IISB, with its user-friendly touch-screen display
    and conveniently positioned, simple-to-use controls.
    Both the clamping and cutting mechanism are hydraulically powered for reliable operation.

    The APC-61IISB employs a touch-screen display for easier operation.
    With the programming function, repeated jobs can be stored into memory for easy recall.
    The backgauge is precisely positioned by a servo-motor drive.

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  • Horizon SPF-7 Booklet Maker

    Horizon SPF-7 Booklet Maker

    Sale! £4,221.00 £1,250.00 ex Vat | £1,500.00 inc.VAT


    Binding Store are pleased to be able to offer a showroom model Horizon SPF-7 Booklet Maker. This machine is the ideal solution for short run, on-demand digital booklet making.

    The Horizon SPF-7 is very user friendly- Simply insert your printed and collated sheets in and stitched booklets are neatly stacked in the delivery tray. It can also be used for folding only or top stitching making it a very versitile booklet maker.

    Please see u running the machine here: http://youtu.be/6tn9YprccnQ
    It accepts formats from A3 rite down to B6. Job selection and other settings can be done with simple push button operations.

    Simple operation! The operator simply inserts printed sheets and then booklets will be produced.
    Compact design! Suitable for On Demand environment which requires short-run bookletmaking.
    Performs bookletmaking, top-stitching, and folding only job.
    Accepts from A3 to B6 formats.
    2,000 staples in a cartridge for minimum refilling of staples.
    Equipped with the resetable counter.

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  • Horizon EF-354 Folding Machine

    Horizon EF-354 Folding Machine

    £0.00 ex Vat | £0.00 inc.VAT

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    The Horizon EF-354 paper folding machine is one of the fastest paper folders around, with the ability to do up to 30,000

    4-buckle plates enable you to perform complex folding for direct-mail or unique leaflet.Minimum fold length is 20 mm (0.8″).

    The EF-354 features a top-load bottom suction-feed system, allowing you to load sheets while folding for non-stop operation.  The roller gap shafts employ a simple sheet inserting adjustment system.  The preset counter for batch counting is provided as standard function.  Optional standing delivery is prepared for small size stack

  • Horizon EF-35 Folding Machine

    Horizon EF-35 Paper Folding Machine

    Sale! £9,850.00 £2,950.00 ex Vat | £3,540.00 inc.VAT


    The Horizon EF-35 Folding Machine is a suction fed paper folder that is one of the quickest machines on the market.  It will fold up to 30,000 sheets per hour!

    The EF-35 features a top-load bottom suction-feed system, allowing you to load sheets while folding for non-stop operation.  The fold roller section does not require adjustment for different stocks. The combination rubber and steel rollers are self-adjusting.  The EF-35 is equipped with preset counter for job tracking and batching of folded sheets. The variable-speed delivery conveyor allows a variety of fold patterns to be easily receive.  The bottom feed suction rotor and gate plate perform reliable sheet feeding.

  • Horizon PF-P 330 Folding machine

    Horizon PF-P 330 Folding machine

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    Due in July 2013. Excellent condition ex-showroom Horizon PF-P330 Folding Machine.  For sale for £2495

    Guide price £4415+VAT

    PF-P330 has an innovative, suction feed system that provides remarkably quiet operation and exceptional paper feed reliability.

    It offers a superior feed reliability across an extensive range of paper stocks, including laser and coated stocks while preventing the marking commonly associated with less sophisticated friction feed folders.

    With six paper fold pre sets and ten custom fold memory settings (rewritable) the operator of the PF-P330 can quickly select both the paper size and type of fold all with push button simplicity. Operational information and settings are clearly displayed on the control panel’s LCD screen.

    The PF-P330’s simple and dependable operation guarantees many years of outstanding performance and productivity.

    • Ideal for busy offices, schools etc.
    • 6 popular fold types
    • suction fed
    • deep pile feeder
    • fine tune and slew adjustment
    • Stand on wheels included