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  • Rapid 106 Electric Stapler

    Rapid 106 Electric Stapler

    Sale! £992.80 £245.00 ex Vat | £294.00 inc.VAT


    Ex-demo Rapid 106 Electric Stapler with foot pedal available now.  This machien has been used a handful of times and is in next to new condition.  The Rapid 106 Electric Stapler is ideal for booklet (saddle) or for edge stapling.  It will stitch up to 50 sheets of 80gsm when flat or saddle stapling.  The machine fits easily to a bench or table.  Foot pedal means both hands can be used to support and hold the booklet in place.

    • Complete with foot pedal
    • simple opertion
    • edge or saddle stapling
    • fits to any table or work bench
  • Rapid 106 Electric Stapler

    Rapid 106 Electric Stapler

    Sale! £995.00 £485.00 ex Vat | £582.00 inc.VAT

    The Rapid 106 stapler is ideal for booklet stapling or edge stapling.  It’s the newer, replacement of the Rapid 101 model.  

    A drop down table enables edge stapling with an adjustable back stop that triggers the staples or have the table down to allow saddle/booklet stapling with a foot switch to activate the stapling process

    • Clamps to the edge of desk or bench.
    • Flat or saddle stapling.
    • Up to 50 sheets 80gsm flat/edge or saddle stapling.
    • Adjustable back stop up to 100mm.
    • Adjustable stapling power.
    • Adjustable side guides.
    • Optional foot switch or back stop trigger
  • Rapid 105 Electric Stapler

    Rapid 105 Electric Stapler

    £79.95 ex Vat | £95.94 inc.VAT

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    The rapid 105 stapler has a sleek design and is quiet whilst in operation.  It has a safety visor and automatic cut out system.  The movable anvil allows for stappling and pinning.  The stapling depth is 85mm and it takes 66/6-8 staples.


    •  Flat/edge stapling
    •  Up to 50 sheets of 80gsm