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  • Surelam Pro 500D

    Surelam Pro 500D

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    The Surelam pro laminating/encapsulating machine is available 500mm working width, the SURELAMPRO series is a high quality, economical solution for both single sided and double sided laminating/encapsulating.

    Intended for medium volume laminating work, it has a working speed of 7m/min. This is one of the fastest running speeds for a machine of this type.

    A dual heating system maintains temperature longer.
    A decurling bar provides flat results particularly for single sided OPP films.
    • High quality up to laminating films from 20mic ~ 500 mic
    • Very consistant operation
    • Multipurpose : Hot (Single & Double), Cold and mounting
    • Non scratching hot shoe using high technology GMP
    • No bubbles as hot shoe maintains melted glue longer
    • High laminating pressure- For maximium adhesion
    • Power cooling fan / quick temperature warm-up (in 7 min)
    • Larger roll film carrying capacity up to 1000 m 25mic OPP
    • Digital temperature controls (Upper / bottom / shoe) & speed control and program setting