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  • Uchida BC-10 A4 Business Card Cutter

    Uchida BC-10 A4 Business Card Cutter

    Out Of Stock

    The Uchida BC-10 A4 Desktop Business Card Cutter is the best selling machine of its kind on the market.  With an RRP of £3295+VAT this used machine is an affordable and ideal solution for people looking to start producing business cards.  These machines were received back after being under contract at a major UK stationery store.

    Why we love it!

    • Its a doddle to use!
    • Can be equipped with a creaser and perf
    • Cards can be printed and finished in minutes

    The Uchida BC-10 business card cutter is a great solution for people looking to offer an on demand service.  You will be able to offer customers up to 100 business cards a minute while they wait.  Simply plan your cards on a template, either 8 up or 10 up using a computer, print your sheet and load in to the deep pile feed tray and hit start!  It really is that simple and selecting between what size cards you want to produce is done with the touch of a button.  Each sheet is taken automatically until you are out of paper. Once your cards are produced they are stacked neatly in to 2 collection trays

    Each Machine has been through our workshop and thouroughly tested


    • Will accept 120gsm up to 350gsm
    • 100 cards a minute
    • Error detection warnings
    • 50 sheet feed pile
    • Unique self sharpening system


    Testimonials – Hai Chan, 1st Byte Print: “A great business card cutter that is easy to use with top results”

    – Nick Budd, Head of Staples UK Copy Centre division: “We are able to create 200 business cards cut and boxed in just a few minutes while a customer waits”

    We have a limited amount of these used BC-10 cutters in stock, please enquire in to ordering multiple units for our best price

  • Uchida VS 200 Paper Drill

    Uchida VS 200 Paper Drill

    Sale! £4,999.00 £1,375.00 ex Vat | £1,650.00 inc.VAT


    We have receieved an immaculate condition Uchuida VS 200 Paper Drill that is ideal for small litho and digital printers.  Desktop drill with 2 spindles and memory bar for quick and easy change of drill patterns.  Change between popular drill patterns at the twist of a handle.  Cover most popular drill demands with the adjustable bak gauge.  Sliding table allows for the paper to remain in the correct position between drilling.

    We are advertising this machien new for £2875 so don’t miss out on this bargain!

    • Immaculate condition and under half price
    • sliding table with memory bar for common drill patterns
    • waste disposal at the back of the drill
    • Self centering paper guides
    • adjustable depth on the back gauge
    • 3-13mm drill bits
    • 50mm paper stack drilling thickness
  • Uchida VS-55 Paper Drill

    Uchida VS-55 Paper Drill

    Sale! £799.00 £650.00 ex Vat | £780.00 inc.VAT


    Recently received in after a customer used it for a one off short run job. Uchida VS-55 paper drill in excellent condition with 6mm tungsten drill bit (excellent for digital stock)

  • Uchida VS-200 Paper Drill

    Uchida VS-200 Paper Drill

    Sale! £3,850.00 £2,750.00 ex Vat | £3,300.00 inc.VAT

    This is a twin-spindle heavy duty paper drill for frequent drilling work of all types. The Uchida VS-200 is designed to cope with any requirement a reprographics department is likely to encounter, with a wide choice of sizes and applications catered for, as well as elements with take away any difficulties in operation.


    • Max stack height    50mm
    • Twin spndle
    • 3-13mm drill bits
    • self centering guides


  • Uchida VS-55 Electric Paper Drill

    Uchida VS-55 Electric Paper Drill

    Sale! £1,995.00 £1,450.00 ex Vat | £1,740.00 inc.VAT

    The Uchida VS-55 is a heavy-duty paper drill to handle regular drilling work, while retaining simplicity of use and with no loss of versatility. It is the machine to use where quantities of documents need to be drilled for correct archiving. The choice of holes drilled rises to 13mm in diameter while a 376mm maximum paper length will cover the paper formats that are most common in office use.


    • Single spindle
    • 3-9mm drill bits
    • self centering guides
    • locking paper clamp