James Burn AlphaDoc Automatic Punch

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We have an immaculate James Burn AlphaDoc MK3 Autopunch in stock and for sale now.  The AplhaDoc came from a council inplant and needless to say has been kept in excellent condition after doing under 1million punch cycles in its lifetime!!  Here’s some information about the machine that may make you choose the AlphaDoc as your automatic punching machine of choice.

The James Burn AlphaDoc Autopunch is a high speed, versatile punch thats has the ease of an office machine to operate but produces high quality, professional punching.  The efficient, 2 speed option means that upt o40,000 sheets punched per hour is possible.  Hands free operation means the operator can be loading/unloading or performing other taks while still in production.  It punches preprinted, collated documents directly from your press or copier.  Die changes can be made in under 5 minutes so very little production time is wasted during change overs.

We can offer this machine with a choice of 3:1, 2:1, comb or spiral dies.

  • Single phase
  • Choice of dies
  • 2 Speed running speed
  • Quick changeover of punch dies
  • Hands free operation
  • Upto 40,000 sheets p/h
  • High pile feeder