New Peak High Speed A3 Laminator

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The NEW Peak High Speed 330 A3 laminator system is now available at Binding Store.  This machine gives even the most casual of users the option to laminate products quickly, professionally and simply.  With a remarkable laminating speed of up to 2000mm/min this Peak high speed laminator is second to none on the market.

The new high speed laminating machines also include the newly designed ‘ClearView’ panel system which allows the operator to view the whole lamination process as it happens, reducing the risk of mis-feeds, jams and poor quality lamination.  Energy consumption is always an issue with users today as energy costs money, so Peak have designed this machine to have an automatic shut down system after half an hour of being idle.

Variable speed and temperature controls have been added to the easy to use LCD control panel, allowing for changes to be made depending on what stock is being put through the machine.  The anti-jam reverse function is also included.

If you are interested in the Peak High Speed 330 A3 Laminator then please contact us for more details or view it on our website.