Paper Punching Dies and Tools Available

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Binding Store have recently added Paper Punching Dies and Tools to the website.  Wire, spiral and comb binding punch dies are all avalable to purchase online.  With various different styles of paper punching dies on the website there is going to be the right tool to suit your binding needs.  Binding Store supply punching dies in 2:1, 3:1 and 6mm pitches for a range of desktop office paper punching machines such as the Renz DTP 340M or the more heavy duty Renz P500 Punch.

Dies for wire, comb and spiral binding are all available and punch round, oval, sqaure or oblong holes for comb binding.  If you are unsure as to what die you need then please dont hesitate to contact us for help.

With the Renz P500 dies, book and calendar punching is available with just 1 ‘2 part’ tool.  Depending on what way the die is placed in the machine it is possible to have the thumb cut.  Also all P500 wire binding dies come under the quick size adjustement style for quick and simple change over times.