Morgana DocuMaster Bookletmaker and Spinemaster

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Morgana DocuMaster Bookletmaker and Spinemaster

Binding Store are pleased to offer this great condition Morgana Documaster  bookletmaker complete with spinemaster square back.

The Morgana DocuMaster underlines the company’s reputation for providing innovative solutions to the problems of digital print finishing.

The DocuMaster is a fully automated finishing system that can crease, produce booklets and perforate. It eliminates the time-consuming necessity to take pre-creased work and hand feed it into a bookletmaker, thus cutting time and manpower by half. It will take pre-collated output from any digital print engine.

The suction feed mechanism of the DocuMaster can handle a range of different weights – up to a maximum of 350gsm – within the same collated set.

The software enables the user to first select the number of sheets in a booklet and then to decide whether it is the top and/or the bottom sheet that needs to be creased. Middle sheets can also be creased, but are normally fed un-creased into the bookletmaker. Once having fed the number of sheets needed to make a complete set, a signal from the creasing machine activates the bookletmaker. A Square Back System (SBS) that produces a finished booklet with a perfect bound appearance is also be supplied as part of this system

In keeping with a product designed for the digital environment, Morgana has made the DocuMaster very easy to set up and to operate, so that there is little or no wastage.

The DocuMaster will produce approximately 1250 booklets per hour, depending on size and extent of pages.

An increasing number of Digital Print Engines have multiple paper feed trays and can therefore print a complete job in one operation. Very often the cover and/or bottom sheets need to be creased to eliminate cracking when stitching and folding. This necessitates the need to remove these sheets, crease them and then recollate them. DocuMaster eliminates these tedious and time consuming operations because it creases the sheets as part of the feeding and bookletmaking operation.

Simplicity of operation is key to finishing digitally printed work because run lengths are often short and variable data is becoming increasingly popular. DocuMaster matches these criteria because set-up is simple and automatic. You simply dial in the number of sheets in the book and where the crease(s) have to be positioned. Set the start sheet size and finished trim sizes of the book and automation takes over. To ensure booklet integrity an automatically set sonic detector checks every sheet regardless of stock thickness before feeding them into an accumulating station. In the unlikely event of a double feed the machine immediately stops. Once the complete set has been gathered the set is released into the stitch – fold – trim unit. For applications where you need to produce 4pp brochures on heavy card stock you can easily switch the stitching heads off and feed the work through the crease fold and trim units. Multi-tasking is a phrase which is used increasingly frequently. In particular with digital print markets where shorter run lengths, variable data and quick make-ready with minimum wastage are major considerations. Off-line finishing enables your Print Engine to operate at maximum speed unlike machines which have on-line finisher’s. You can also take work from more that one print engine. Programming Regular repeating jobs can be stored and instantly retrieved. This function is particularly useful if you are part way through a job and need to break into it to produce something else

The heart of the success of the DocuMaster is the creasing rule and matrix. Morgana use stepping motor technology to accurately position the substrate before creasing and use the same technology with the creasing action. This gives total and consistent accuracy during operation. With thousands of mechanism’s installed throughout the world our creasing technology is unparalleled in both performance and longevity.

Rotary perforating is also a standard feature available on the DocuMaster

Crease only Mode. When using DocuMaster in crease only mode the work is delivered into an easy to fit catch tray which can be off-loaded on the run

Head-up Display. For greater ease of use. This is particularly intuitive as it provides the operator with a series of prompts which are actioned by a single controller. These include positioning of the creases, setting the amount of sheets for booklets, storing jobs and counting facility.

Square Back System Features Enhanced appearance of finished documents will be achieved with the Square Back System. This will change the way you and your clients think about finished booklets because it transforms the book into one that appears to be perfect bound but with the added value of strength because of the stitches. The SBS can be easily adjusted to compensate for booklet thickness. Quiet in operation it can also be used off-line to enable work from other devices to be professionally finished. A further benefit is that work can be stacked flat.The Square Back System delivers finished books onto a vertical stacker. For jobs where the document doesn’t need to be pressed you can divert work through the unit without it operating.



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