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Binding Store work alongside some of the biggest perfect binding machine manufacturers to offer top quality machinery, to offices, university’s and professional bindery houses.

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  • JUD MR-720 Perfect Binding Machine

    Sale! £41,267.00 £5,950.00 ex Vat | £7,140.00 inc.VAT
  • Horizon BQ-220 Perfect Binding Machine

    Sale! £4,750.00 £3,450.00 ex Vat | £4,140.00 inc.VAT


    The Horizon BQ-220 is a perfect binding machine that will do books from 3mm up to 40mm in thickness.  It has an automatic cover feeder for faster production.  Set up is simple and the binding process is simply started by 1 button.  It has a milling option that can be selected.  The reverse spinning application ensures super strong binding retention through excellent glue penetration.  Equipped with guards for full operator safety. Max. Book Size, 320×320 mm. Min. Book Size, 135 x 105mm at speeds of up to 250 books per hour.

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  • Morgana Printbind KB2000 Perfect Binder

    Morgana Printbind KB2000 Perfect Binder

    Sale! £5,995.00 £4,495.00 ex Vat | £5,394.00 inc.VAT

    Perfect bind books up to 60mm in thickness with the Morgana Printbind KB2000 perfect binder.  This hot melt glue binder offers a strong and professional finish.

    A unique milling device provides the best sheet preperation allowing a high level amount of glue to all sheets.  Sheets are placed in to the pneumatic clamp and then transported across the milling station and glue rollers to the cover station.  The binding process is automatic and made easy by using just the ‘start’ button only.  Once the binding procees is complete the clamp releases the book to be taken out of the machine.  This machine requires compressed air.


    • Binding Length  120mm – 400mm
    • Binding Height  120mm – 320mm
    • Max. cover format  710mm – 440mm
    • Binding thickness  up to 60mm
    • max. cover thickness  120gsm – 300gsm
  • Dumor Digibind36 Table Top Perfect Binding Machine

    Dumor Digibind36 Table Top Perfect Binding Machine

    Sale! £2,759.00 £1,940.00 ex Vat | £2,328.00 inc.VAT

    The Dumor Digibind 36 Thermal Binding Machine is an advanced table top perfect binder that is ideal for schools, offices and copy shops.  The Digibind 36 machine will bind up to 330mm in length and has a binding thickness of up to 36mm.  Simple to use, this machine only requires the user to load the paper and cover and then the binding process is done automatically.  The machine is fully guarded for safety and gives off minimal heat and smoke emissions.  Spine pressure, book holding and dwell time are all individually programmeable. Padding and hard cover binding is also available on this perfect binding machine.

    Remarkably low cost compared to similar rival machines!

    • Binding thickness    36mm
    • Binding Length         330mm
    • Simple to operate
    • Small footprintto save space
    • Patented micrometer dorsal pressure adjustment for a ultra square back
    • Fully automatic binding process
  • Horizon BQ18ii Perfect Binder

    Horizon BQ18ii Perfect Binder

    Sale! £4,400.00 £1,980.00 ex Vat | £2,376.00 inc.VAT



    The Horizon BQ-18ii is a Perfect Binder that provides a quality finish in just 23 seconds.  With a RRP of £4400 Binding Store Ltd. are offering a huge 55% discount making it available for just £1980.

    Simple and quick operation makes this perfect binder ideal for offices, to keep safe things such as invoices, PC print outs and produce reports with a professional finish.  3 easy steps make for easy operation, simply place your document in the clamp, press start and then retrieve the document when its been glued.

    • Max. Binding Width      440mm
    • Max. Binding Thickness      70mm
    • Glue Warm Up Time      10 mins.
  • Horizon BQ-P60 Perfect Binder

    Horizon BQ-P60 Perfect Binder

    Sale! £4,295.00 £3,855.00 ex Vat | £4,626.00 inc.VAT

    With this Horizon BQ-P60 Perfect Binder three different types of binding are available in an easy process that requires no special training, making it an ideal solution for offices, schools etc.  It’s compact design allows for table top use and has an eco-mode to reduce power consumption.

    Choose from paper padding, tape strip binding or soft cover perfect binding.  All these binding methods on this machine make for a professional and attractive to finish to all documents

    Productivity is high with Horizon saying 180 books per hour can be produced.

  • Horizon GMS-7 Spine taper

    Horizon GMS-7 Spine taper

    £0.00 ex Vat | £0.00 inc.VAT

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    The Horizon GMS-7 Spine Taper is a fully automatic spine taper designed to handle any bound document from 80 mm (3.1″ : spine length) and up in manual mode — 180 (7.1″) to 320 mm (12.5″) in automatic feed mode. It features a bottom-feed system which allows for continuous loading and production. Simple set up and operation enable the operator to produce up to 4,000 books/pads per hour.

  • Horizon BQ150 Perfect binding machine

    Horizon BQ150 Perfect binding machine

    £0.00 ex Vat | £0.00 inc.VAT

    Used Horizon BQ-150 NOW Available

    The Horizon BQ-150 features include:
    Guide price £10,682+VAT
    Call us for special offer price

    Fully automatic electric clamping
    Three binding modes – Perfect binding, Tape binding and padding
    A dynamic nipper table that automatically senses and adjusts to the size of the book
    Cover detection sensor
    An efficient paper dust vacuum system
    Binding thickness of up to 30mm
    Up to 180 books per hour

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  • Horizon BQ-P6 Perfect Binder

    Horizon BQ-P6 Perfect Binder

    £0.00 ex Vat | £0.00 inc.VAT


    Perfect binding, Tape binding and Pad binding
    Simple binding procedure
    Up to 140 books per hour

    The BQ-P6’s three binding types include wrap-around perfect binding for a professional quality appearance, tape binding for reports and note-pad binding. Designed for the short run/on demand market, the BQ-P6 is the ideal binding machine for todays quick printers, in plants and schools . The BQ-P6 control panel steps the user through the simple binding procedure. Thermostatically controlled, the BQ-P6 indicates readiness to bind with a ready light and audible tone. The type of bind is chosen with a press of a button, and a sequence of four indicators directs the user through the binding process.
    Binding Capacity:
    From 2 to 250 sheets (Up to 1″)
    Maximum Binding Dimension:
    12.4″ (L) x 8.7″(H)
    Minimum Binding Dimension:
    2″(L) x 3.25″(H)
    Cycle Speeds:
    25-30 second binding speed
    Perfect Binding:
    Up to 140 books per hour
    Tape Binding:
    Up to 140 books per hour
    Up to 480 Pads (1/4″) per hour
    Binding Adhesive Type:
    Hot Melt Adhesive
    Warm up time:
    13 Minutes