Ideal 4850-95 EP Programmatic Guillotine

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Ideal 4850-95 EP Programmatic Guillotine

Binding Store are pleased to offer this great condition Ideal 4850-95 EP Paper Guillotine. Direct from a University in-plant, this machine has had very light usage and would be a nice edition to any Digital Printers who use SRA3 paper.

The Ideal 4850-95 Programmatic Guillotine (Installed New in 2008) complete with manual and new cutting stick. Ideal 4850-95 EP Programmatic Guillotine comes with automatic clamp and programmable “EP” power back gauge. It features two programmable keys for quick setting of frequently needed measurements and electronic hand wheel for manual back gauge positioning with infinitely variable speed control from slow to fast motion. It has a drawn optical cutting line that shows where the cut will be performed and helps to align cutting marks precisely for accurate cuts. The electronically secured front safety guard is easily lifted and allows for safe and convenient cutting.


1.      Power back gauge with ”EP“ control module

2.      9 programs with 9 steps

3.      10-button keypad for pre-set of measurement

4.      Electro-mechanical blade and clamp drive

5.      Display readout in mm/inches

6.      Direct measurement input

7.      Memory key for repeat cuts

8.      Optical cutting line

9.      Measuring scale located on front table

10.  High quality blade made from “Solingen steel”

11.  Adjustable blade guides

12.  Setting of program steps via “Start” button

13.  “Set” function key for reference measurement

14.  Programmable push-out “eject” function

15.  Complete with stand and storage shelf

16.  Motor performance (input capacity):

·         Blade drive 1.1 kW

·         Clamp drive 0.32 kW

Technical Information

·         Weight: 215 kg

·         Cutting height: 80mm

·         Narrow cut: 35mm

·         Table depth: 450mm

·         Dimensions: (H) 1230 x (W) 755 x (D) 970 mm

·         Power Requirements: 230V / 50Hz/ 1.1 kW / 15amps

Special Information

“EP” Back Gauge Control Fully programmable back gauge control module with digital measurement readout, 10 push button key pad, and memory key for repeat cuts

Blade Change

Safe and convenient blade change without removing machine covers.


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