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At Binding Store we have an extensive knowledge and decades of experience in relation to running and operating professional punching machines. This expertise means we are here to answer your queries and help you choose the right professional paper punch machine for you and your company. We supply all Renz professional punches who are leading manufacturers in the wire binding industry and well known for the high ‘German’ build quality we have all come to expect. Contact us for any advice on what paper punching system would be best for your needs and workload.

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  • Renz P500-ES Electric Paper Punch

    Renz P500-ES Electric Paper Punch

    Sale! £6,750.00 £6,243.75 ex Vat | £7,492.50 inc.VAT

    The Renz P500 ES Heavy Duty Punch is an electrical high capacity desk top punch with exchangeable punch dies.  With a working width of 500mm the Punch 500 gives the option to punch A2 documents and calendars.  A 2 part thumb cut die is available so book work and calendar work can be produced using 1 tool depending on what way the die is placed in the machine.  All wire and comb binding dies are in QSA (quick size adjustment) format so the dies do not have to be removed when changing formats.  The Renz P500 offers a comforatable experience for the operator as it is controlled by a foot pedal and paper is fed horizontally.  A micro switch is standard on the ES version meaning productivity is increased with the punch cycle automated.  Also on the P500 ES model it is fitted with eccentric shafts for a more powerful and effective punching motion.

    •     working width 500 mm
    •     punching cycles: 3000 – 3500/h
    •     punching capacity: 400 – 500/h (depending on the operator)
    •     max. punching thickness 4.0 mm
    •     inexpensive QSA dies (quick size adjustment, punch pins individually removable)
    •     extremely fast exchangeable punch dies
    •     two-part dies with thumbcut
    •     dimensions: 745 x 500 x 480 mm
    •     weight: 150 kg
    •     motor: 230/400 V, 50 Hz (3ph.), 1,1 kW
    •     Option: logistic desk with left and right working platforms to improve the work flow (higher output) complete length including punch 1700 x 650 mm
    •     Now available with micro switch for increased productivity

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  • Pfaffle F42a Autopunch

    Pfaffle F42a Autopunch

    Sale! £12,995.00 £5,995.00 ex Vat | £7,194.00 inc.VAT

    Binding Store has recently received a good condition Pfaffle F42a Autopunch complete with a 6mm spiral die and both 2:1 and 3:1 square dies.

  • James Burn Alpha-Doc Automatic Paper Punch

    James Burn Alpha-Doc Automatic Paper Punch

    Sale! £12,999.00 £9,995.00 ex Vat | £11,994.00 inc.VAT


    Due in to us from a council in late 2013.  Immaculate James Burn Alpha-Doc MK3 automatic paper punch.  This machine has only done 811,000 cycles in its lifetime.  Complete with comb punch tool but all other tools are available on request.  High productivity with 90 cycles per minute.  High pile feeder.  This machine is single phase


    Maximum Sheet Size 360mm x 330mm
    Minimum Sheet Size 138mm x 138mm
    Paper Stocks 50gsm up to 350gsm
    Punching Up to 30,000 – 40,000 sheets per hour
    Sheet Lift Adjustable from .5mm to 1mm
    Power Requirements 110v single phase 60 Hz


  • Renz P500 Punch Tool

    Renz P500 Punch Tool

    Sale! £1,745.00 £500.00 ex Vat | £600.00 inc.VAT


    This used Renz P500 3:1 pitch round die is in excellent condition and is complete with the thumb cut.  The die has been stripped down and checked by an ex-renz engineer.

    This Punch 500 split tool gives the option to do both book work and calendar work depending on which way the die is inserted in to the machine.  List price new is £1745.

    • 3:1 pitch round hole
    • Thumb cut
    • Punch pins individually removable
    • Book and calendar work with just one tool
  • Renz Mobi 500/AP360 Professional Wire Binding Package

    Renz Mobi 500/AP360 Professional Wire Binding Package

    Sale! £68,500.00 £32,000.00 ex Vat | £38,400.00 inc.VAT


    Binding Store has recently received in a 2008 Renz Mobi 500 Wire Binder and a 2008 Renz AP360 Autopunch.  The Renz Mobi has only produced 450k books in 5 years and is in excellent condition. The AP360 is immaculate.

  • James Burn Lhermite EM520 Automatic Punching Machine

    James Burn Lhermite EM520 Automatic Punching Machine

    Sale! £21,995.00 £12,000.00 ex Vat | £14,400.00 inc.VAT



     James Burn Lhermite EM520 Automatic Signature Punching Machine for sale. Complete with RS520 conveyor and SF520 feeder module and 3:1 double action punch and cut tools.

    The EM520 features the state of the art modular system for 
    punching and cutting signatures in line with high output folding machines through its RS520 conveyor interface or off line connected to the SF520 feeder module. 

    Max. signature thickness – 3mm (1/9″) or 32 pages 80 gsm. 
    Max. cycle speed – 10,000 sheets per hour 
    Power supply – 3 Phase

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  • James Burn KL50 Punch

    James Burn KL50 Punch

    Sale! £2,999.00 £1,495.00 ex Vat | £1,794.00 inc.VAT


    The KL50 was designed as a heavy duty stand alone pedal operated electric punch. The KL50 is aimed at large in house print units or dedicated finishing houses. The model is very simple in operation and very reliable.

    Comes complete with 3:1 punching tool and will punch up to 500 mm wide sheets. It has a punching throat of 2.5 mm and is free standing.

    Machine also runs on standard single phase.

  • Rilecart FAR 4/42 Autopunch

    Rilecart FAR 4/42 Autopunch

    Sale! £38,000.00 £10,995.00 ex Vat | £13,194.00 inc.VAT


    We now have in stock an excellent condition Rilecart FAR 4/42 auto punch with 3:1, 2:1, 6mm and calendar dies.

    The machine comes from a company closure and really is in good condition and can be viewed running at our showroom in Hemel Hempstead.

    We have added a 3 part segmented calendar die to this package making this machine truly versitile having the ability to do 3:1, 2:1, spiral/coil and calendar binding.

    It would cost you far more than our offer price for the machine and dies to buy just the tooling alone!

    This automatic punching machine from Rilecart has been designed specifically for small and medium sizes. Reliability, a choice of several punching tools together with an intensive market research into customers production requirements allow the FAR 4/42 to achieve the best quality standards.

    Far 4/42 can be fed continuously with material of variable thickness (paper and/or light cardboard). Sheets are safely picked-up in bunches of 1,5/2 mm. each time, centred and punched with precision and accuracy. Sheets are then transported by a belt into the punching section. Punched bunches are kept in numerical sequence and collected on a separate conveyor, in shingle style, so that the following procedures are made easier.

    Maximum thickness per stroke: 2,5 mm. (standard 1,5 mm.)
    Maximum punching size: 400 x 300 mm.
    Minimum punching size: 110 x 90 mm.
    Speed: up to 150 strokes per minute.
    Punching distance from the edge: from 2 mm. up to 6 mm. depending on punching tools used.
    Operates continuously using a pre-loading device.
    Shingle style delivery table with adjustable speed.
    Several punching tools for double loop binding or other mechanical binding systems.

    Technical Specifications:

    Power Supply: 240 V single phase 50/60 Hz
    Power Drive: 3 Kw
    Size: L 3000 x D 700 x H 1200 mm.

  • Renz Super 700 Super 900 Heavy Duty Punching Machine

    Renz Super 700 Super 900 Heavy Duty Punching Machine

    £10,000.00 ex Vat | £12,000.00 inc.VAT

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    The Renz Super 700 and Renz Super 900 are heavy duty paper punching machines.  The 2 machines are designed to punch paper, cardboard and plastics.  The machine is operated by electric foot pedal and can be used while sitting or standing.

    Heavy duty machine, with new drive system, rated for continuous punching and perforating.. Punching width up to 700mm (27.5″) Super 700 or 900mm (35.5″) Super 900.

    •     Easily operated by a foot switch
    •     Horizontal paper insertion guarantees punching accuracy on large formats. In addition, this design allows grooving or tear-off perforation at every position of the sheet.
    •     The open ended construction makes punching of double-length formats possible.
    •     The extremely high punching capacity, another big advantage of the RENZ Super 700 and Super 900 is that the punching dies of most competitive manufacturers can be used by changing the mounting adapter.
    •     Changing of dies is quick an easy.
    •     Split dies can be used in these machine that have 2 pitches or types in the same die which reduces your set up time when changing punch patterns.
    •     The proven design of the Super 700 and Super 900 guarantees a long life span.
  • Rilecart FAR 5/55 Automatic Punching Machine

    Rilecart FAR 5/55 Automatic Punching Machine

    £15,995.00 ex Vat | £19,194.00 inc.VAT


    New in September 2013. This Rilecart FAR 5/55 Automatic Paper Punch is in excellent working condition and available with a number of different dies for wire, spiral and calendar work.  The spiral die is only 2 months old and only ever been used to produce 500 book and has an RRP of £3995 on its own.

    As you can see in the pictures this is probably the best condition used auto punch we have ever had in stock.  All feed belts are in excellent condition, all original tools.

    •     2000 model in excellent condition
    •     Complete with spiral die, 3:1 calander die and other 2:1 and 3:1 tools.
    •     Maximum punching size: 550 x 550 mm
    •     Excellent value at £15,995+VAT
    •     Price includes delivery and installation in UK

    Automatic Puncher for large formats
    The FAR-5/55 has been developed for fast punching of loose sheets in large quantities of medium-large format.
    Large variety of punching patterns available according to the different binding systems; Rilematic® spirals, never-ending spirals, plastic spirals etc.
    The FAR -5/55 is specifically designed to guarantee great reliability and long service lives. All rolls and poles are connected through ball bearers and changes are fast and secure.

    How it works:
    The FAR-5/55 can be fed continuously with material of variable thickness (paper or thin cardboard) which is collected by a specific gripping and bunching tool  in groups of 1,5/2 mm thickness, centred and then punched with precision and accuracy. Sheets are then transported by four belts to the piercing area where they are aligned and punched. The punched sheets are kept in numerical sequence by a tuning drum and collected on a conveyor belt that has variable speed


    •     Maximum Thickness per stroke: 2,5 mm. (standard 1,5mm.)
    •     Maximum punching size: 550 x 550 mm
    •     Minimum punching size: 160 mm (on punching side) x 120 mm
    •     Speed: adjustable up to 120 strokes/minute
    •     Punching distance from the edge: adjustable up to 40 mm max
    •     Wide range of punching tools available, including tool for plastic-coils holes.

    Technical Specifications:

    •     Power supply: 240V. single phase 50/60 Hz
    •     Power drive: 2,5 Kw
    •     Size: 3200 x 760 x 1200 mm
    •     Weight: 1100 Kg


  • James Burn Lhermite EP700 Punch

    James Burn Lhermite EP700 Punch

    £3,250.00 ex Vat | £3,900.00 inc.VAT