Renz DTP 340M Punch Product Review

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The first thing you have to do before binding your document is punch the holes for the wires, spirals and combs to go through.  Most wire binding machines have a built in punch but if you are looking for a heavy duty stand alone punch then the RENZ DTP 340M could be just what you need.  This punching machine is a solid and highly productive punch, ideal for busy offices, schools and small book binders.  Some of the stand out features with the DTP 340M is its large punching capacity and ability to work with other Renz binding machines and modules.  Here are a few pointers as to why we believe the Renz DTP 340M to be an exceptional punching machine.

  • The punching capacity on the DTP 340M is 35 sheets (80gsm).  For a desktop machine of this size this is one of the thickest in the market at present.
  • The machine has a punching width of up to 340mm which allows for paper sizes up to A3 on the short edge to be punched
  • The punching cycle only takes 1 second and the paper is punched vertically allowing for accuracy along the whole of the paper edge.
  • A wide range of wire, spiral and comb dies are avaliable in 2:1 and 3:1 pitch.  Square and round hole dies are all available to.  These dies are interchangable and can be simply changed in under 1 minute, therfore saving the operator valuable time.
  • Each die has disengageable punching pins so you can select the correct amount of holes to be punch according to what document you are punching.
  • To complete the Renz DTP 340M and create a full binding system you can attach other Renz modules such as a Renz WBS 340 wire colsing module, Renz CBS 340 Coil inserter or a Renz PBS 340 comb opener.
  • Like any Renz machine the DTP 340M paper punch is constructed in Germany to their high standards and is a very realiable and well built machine.  The machine is also a desktop punch meaning it is space saving and easy to move.

For any more information on the Renz DTP 340M paper punch then please have a look on our website or contact us for details.  We often have used DTP 340M’s in stock which are available at very reasonable prices.  View all of the Renz Binding Machines range here.