Renz Modular Electric Motor Drive

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If you have a manual Renz binding machine such as a Renz Eco s 360 or Renz SPB 360 spiral binding machine or another Renz binder and your production levels are increasing then you may want to upgrade your binding machine to an electric model.  However instead of spending out on a new electric machine, why not take the available option of adding the Renz Electric Motor Drive to your binder, giving you the user comfort and an increased binding speed but for half the price.

The Renz modular motor drive is easy to attach and fits simply in to the back of you current binding machine.  It allows for punching to be done by foot pedal and gives the operator a more comfortable experience, meaning longer runs can be done.

The electric motor will fit easily on to the following Renz binding machines:

    • RW 360
    • SRW 360
    • Eco C 360
    • Eco S 360
    • SPB 360