Renz ‘One Pitch’ Wire

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RENZ ‘ONE PITCH’ WIRE has been produced to allow people who want to use the larger 2:1 pitch wires (23 holes on A4) to bind documents.  The Renz ‘one pitch’ wire can be used on the ‘Eco’ range of Renz binding machines and allows people to bind documents up to 38mm.  Renz ‘One Pitch’ wires are supplied in A4 and A5 sizes.  The 2:1 pitch wire is available in all sizes from 6.9mm up to 38mm.  Using the largest diameter wire – 38mm – you will be able to bind a documents of approximately 325 pages (80gsm).

All of the wire elements are available on the website in the popular white, black and silver and as well as other colours.  If you can’t see the correct colour then please contact us to place an order for a more unique colour.  Metallic colours are available on request.

Binding Store supply a full range of binding supplies in both 2:1 and 3:1 pitch and it is made easy to purchase online in the wire binding supplies catergory on the website