Top Five Essentials for your Home Office

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Working from home is a great option for so many people these days. With rising fuel costs, and ever-increasing office rental prices, forgoing an office in favour of something a bit more homely can be too good to turn down.

But when you work from home rather than an office, there can be a few things you miss – workplace gossip, all the instant machine coffee you can drink, and free and easy access to office equipment. While we can’t provide you with tittle-tattle about what’s going on with them in accounts, or recommend anything other than your best home-brewed coffee, we can help you choose your home office essentials.

At Binding Store, we love having a good play with office equipment, so you can be assured that everything we sell has been thoroughly tested before we recommend it to you. So without further ado, here are our top five essentials for your home office.

1 – Home Wire Binding Machine – this wire binding machine can help you keep those unruly files under control, and help you beautifully present your essential documents to clients and colleagues. We love this machine from Renz in particular because it’s compact, easy to use, and well-priced. Just perfect for a home office size and budget.

2 – Renz HT 330 Dual Laminator  – A firm favourite with us, this desk top laminator is ideal for protecting your essential documents from wear and tear, and from being tampered with. We also love laminating for making menus and price cards, to-do lists, and lots of other useful wipe-clean products around the home and workplace. If the younger members of your home have a habit of encroaching on your office space, laminating will keep little sticky fingers off important files.

3 – Home Shredding machines  –  For preventing confidential documents from going out with the rest of your general home waste, a shredder is a fabulous idea. While you might be able to rely on the office handyman to carefully dispose of paperwork around the office, a shredder at home you can easily work yourself provides peace of mind, for you and your clients. This shredder from HSM can shred up to 7 sheets of A4 per minute, so it won’t keep you hanging about.

4 – Comb binding machine – We love comb binding for keeping documents together simply because of value for money. While a wire binding machine will give longer lasting results, comb binding is a good value option for documents which will be handled that bit less. With this machine from Renz around £50 cheaper than the equivalent wire binding machine, it’s worth considering.

5 – Calendar Punch – This handy little gadget puts the half-moon cuts in the top of paper – perfect for making your own calendars. We’ve had a lot of use of ours this year as we knew our own hand-made calendars would make ideal seasonal gifts for our customers, and they did! We even made some for ourselves. Check out our range of calendar hangers too.

If you’re looking to furnish your office at home or interested in setting one up, then we think that our top five essentials for your home office are a great place to start!