Uchida BC-10 Business Card Cutter

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The Uchida BC-10 is the best selling desktop business card cutter on the market and is now available at the fantastic price of £995+VAT!!  This machine new would cost £3295+VAT so this is a deal you don’t want to miss out on!  Produce 8 or 10 business cards from one A4 sheet with absolute ease, it really is just a case of hit start and off you go.

We have a limited number of the Uchida BC-10 business card cutters in stock, that have been out on a rental contract to several businesses throughout the UK.  Each machine was in an on-demand environment where customers would wait while business cards were produced and boxed up in minutes.  All of the machines have been through our service department and thoroughly tested

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider this fantastic offer

  • Ease of use and set up.  It is so simple to select what size cards you want to produce, simply chose the size and hit start
  • 100 business cards can produced in 1 minute
  • small footprint, takes up very little room on a desktop
  • It can be equipped with a crease or perf

Running steps:

1.     Plan your cards on a computer and print on to an A4 sheet

2.     Place in the BC-10 and hit start.

3.     Your finished cards are automatically fed until your pile of sheets has run out

4.     Collect your finished cards from the 2 neat stacked piles and give them to your happy customer!

It really is a doddle to use this machine and offers a great service for printers and copy shops to offer.  With this affordable machine you can set yourself apart from others without a huge outlay of money