EBA 551Guillotine

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Binding Store are pleased to offer For Sale this excellent condition EBA 551 guillotine. This machine has come directly from the receivers and is available now. Demonstrations available in our showroom.

Hydraulic Precision technology, sturdy all-steel frame and ease of operation.
These guillotines are fitted with almost every possible feature and benefit imaginable. Perfectly suited for small and medium sized commercial and in-plant printers, book binderies, copy-shops and printing centers with print-on-demand facilities. For small quantities, frequent changing orders, or complex orders which demand the best results, the EBA-Models with its programme-controlled units are exactly what you need.

*Keypad for backgauge control and digital measurement readout (mm/ inch).
*Extended side tables area real benefit for stacking and storing paper.
*The foot pedal can be used for pre-pressing or as cutting line indicator.
*Hydraulic precision drive for blade and clamping with low wearing of parts.
*Sturdy all-steel frame and rear table for highest possible cutting precision.

Standard Features:
*Hydrualic precision drive for blade and clamping.
*Spindle guided electro-mechanical backgauge drive for precise positioning.
*Manually operated hand wheel for fine adjustment of backgauge.
*Infinitely adjustable clamping pressure with display.
*Foot pedal for pre-pressing or cutting line indicator.
*Optical cutting line indicator.
*Durable stainless steel working surface for front and rear table.
*2 x Cutting blades made of high quality HSS steel.
*Hydraulic swing cut.
*Adjustable blade depth from outside.
*Mobile on casters.

Safety Features:
*Electronically controlled two-hand safety operation.
*Electronically guarded front table area by photocell safety guards (EBA 551) or safety cover (EBA 550).
*Rear table area is protected by a sturdy cover.
*Automatic reutrn of blade and clamping from every position.
*Lockable main switch..
*Blade changing device with covered cutting edge.
*Knocking-up device.
*Side tables at the right and left side.
*False clamp plate.

*9 programs with 9 steps each.
*10 button keyboard for setting of measurement.
*Electronic digital display with an accuracy of 0.01mm.
*Button for reference measurement.
*Button for fast reverse movement of backgauge.
*Memory key for repeat cuts.
*Programmable paper eject function.
*Programmable keys for quick usage.
*Self-diagnosis system with error indication on display.
*Program’s runs automatically. or with “Start” – button.
*Change-over between decimal/ inch.