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James Burn International JBI Lhermite Ex380

Binding Store offer For Sale this fantastic condition  JBI LHERMITE EX380 Auto Punch Complete with 3:1 4mm x 4mm die for bookwork and 3:1 Euro or standard thumb cut  Calendar die. (video shows Euro thumb cut) This machine has been fully refurbished and has new belts throughout. Complete with tools and manuals. Ready to go for this years Calendar Season.

Precision punching up to 15″ at very high output speeds
Capable of producing up to 150,000+ punched sheets per hour. Punches preprinted collated documents with or without mixed stocks.

Productivity, Reliability and Precision: The dream of the trade industry becomes reality with the Lhermite EX380 High speed Automatic punch

• Sheets are fed via lightweight aluminium trays, which rise automatically.

• Paper can be loaded continuously without stopping the machine giving maximum throughput of sheets.

• Sheets are fed from the top of the stack at one bite at a time ensuring the integrity of the sheet.

• The bite can be adjusted to take a maximum of 2.5 mm, variable according to the quality of the paper.

• Sheets are automatically aligned laterally and longitudinally.

• Non contact of transport bands during punching ensures unmarked sheets.

• Tool and format changeover time are very fast.

• The sheets are turned over by means of a drum to retain their pre-collated sequence.

• Supplied with Conveyor shingle delivery giving maximum productivity.