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  • Morgana CardXtra Business Card Cutter

    Morgana CardXtra Business Card Cutter


    Used Morgana CardXtra now in stock.  Complete with New MC-1 cartridge. Cuts documents quickly and accurately up to SRA3 formats.  Low cost, efficient multifunctional finishing machine ideal for digital and litho printers.

    The ultimate SRA3+ Business card & Document AutoCutter that anyone can use to simplify cutting tasks and achieve higher productivity.

    Fast, versatile and and very easy to use, the suction feed CardXtra is ideal for the on-demand environment and features the ability to take A3 plus sheets in weights upto 325gsm. It produces 140 business cards a minute (7  x 20 up sheets) and can also be used for postcards and other formats. It allows extremely fast set-up and has quick-change rotary blades. It has pre-select programmes for different cutters as well as pre-programmable memory for storing common jobs.

    A recognition sensor allows the Cardxtra to follow the printed image. This is achievable by printing a special mark on the sheet, the size and position of which are available on the downloadable templates.

    Engineered to accept SRA3+ paper and card (320 x 469.5mm) and accurately cut small, medium and high volumes of paper and card while allowing the operator to get on with other tasks.

  • File pecker III (100) Paper drill

    File pecker III (100) Paper drill

    £0.00 ex Vat | £0.00 inc.VAT


    This paper drill was installed in a small reprographics studio and has had very lite use.

    It has a sliding table with paper stops for multi hole drilling and will drill up to 1050 sheets of paper.

    The motor only runs when the handle of the machine saving time and power.

  • 2006 Renz super 700 punch

    2006 Renz super 700 punch

    £0.00 ex Vat | £0.00 inc.VAT


    Heavy duty electric punching and perforating machine

    Heavy duty machine, with new drive system, rated for continuous punching and perforating of paper, cardboard and plastics. Punching width up to 70 cm (27.5″)

    Easily operated by a foot switch. Can be operated while sitting or standing.
    Horizontal paper insertion guarantees punching accuracy on large formats. In addition, this design allows grooving or tear-off perforation at every position of the sheet.
    The open ended construction makes punching of double-length formats possible.
    The extremely high punching capacity, another big advantage of the RENZ Super 700 and Super 900 is that the punching dies of most competitive manufacturers can be used by changing the mounting adapter.
    Changing of dies is quick an easy.
    Split dies can be used in these machine that have 2 pitches or types in the same die which reduces your set up time when changing punch patterns.
    The proven design of the Super 700 and Super 900 guarantees a long life span.

  • Renz eco S 2:1 Wire binding machine

    Used Renz Eco S 2:1 Wire binding machine

    £0.00 ex Vat | £0.00 inc.VAT


    Ring Wire binding machine (2:1) with additional features: 26 punch pins that can be individually disengaged and adjustable margin control for perfect format adjustment up to 34 cm [13.5″]. Punches up to 30 sheets [3 mm/0.12″] and binds up to 280 sheets.[otherwise as model eco C]

    Technical Data

    length, width, height: 36, 55, 19 cm [14″, 22″, 7.5″]
    weight: 13.5 kg [29.7 lb.]
    selectable punch pins
    punching thickness: 3 mm [.120″] / 30 sheets (20# paper)
    adjustable margin
    binding thickness: up to in 28 mm [1 1/8″] / 280 sheets (20# paper)
    Ø of the wire comb elements: up to 32 mm [1 1/4″]
    binding capacity: up to 250 books per hour
    working width: up to maximum 34 cm [13.5″] / A 4
    number of punching pins: 26
    pitch: 2:1
    loops on A 4 [12″]: 23
    punching capacity: up to 5.000 sheets per hour

  • Used Renz Super 500 heavy duty punch

    Used Renz Super 500 heavy duty punch

    £0.00 ex Vat | £0.00 inc.VAT


    Heavy-duty machine with new drive system rated for continuous punching and perforating of paper, cardboard, and plastics up to 50cm)
    • Comfortable operation by footswitch either sitting or standing.
    • Open-ended design of the machine allows double length heavy duty floor punching.

    This machine is complete with a 4 x 4mm 3:1 die and a 6 x 6mm 2:1 die and can be viewed running in our St. Albans premises.

  • Renz AutoBind 500 Semi Automatic Wire Binder

    Rilecart TP340 Semi Automatic Wire Binder

    £0.00 ex Vat | £0.00 inc.VAT


    Immaculate 2006 model
    3:1″ and 2:1″ from 1/4″ to 1″
    Only £11,000+VAT

    Semi-Automatic Binding Machine with Automatic Closing adjustment
    The simplest and quickest semi automatic binding machine in the world, specifically designed for digital printers needing the ability to switch job formats quickly and easily.
    The TP-340 can process any kind of product with the exception of calendars: Books, catalogues, pads and so on, even of unusual die cut shapes.
    Speedy, compact and clean, on wheels, electrically driven, one of its attributes is the easiness of clsoing.  An activity undertaken quickly by means of handles and the main computer. All this without even getting your hands dirty. The ideal solution for binding several different jobs.


    Uses  continuous WireBind Rilematic® Wires in spools
    For all diameters in the pitches 3:1″ and 2:1″ from 1/4″ to 1″
    Fully electric
    Automated Closing adjustments
    Integrated waste-paper collector
    Max. binding size (mm): 360 (Length) X 300 (Width)
    Min. binding size (mm): 50 (Length) X 80 (Width)
    Maximum speed: 1000 cycles per hour.
    Shingle delivery for neat ejection of books

    Technical Specifications:

    Power supply: 240 V single phase
    Power drive: 1,5 Kw
    Size 1650(2350) x 900 x 2150(1200)
    Weight: 250 kg

    Product overview PDF

  • Renz AutoBind 500 Semi Automatic Wire Binder

    Renz AutoBind 500 Semi Automatic Wire Binder

    £0.00 ex Vat | £0.00 inc.VAT


    We now have for sale an immaculate Renz Autobind 500 calendar binding machine. It was installed new by Renz on 27th July 2005 and has had minimal use. It has been on a service contract with Renz UK and needless to say is an excellent example.

    The machine can be viewed running and is offered for £17,850+VAT

    Take a look at the video below of the actual machine in operation.

    It is possible to close diameters from Ø 3/16″up to Ø 1 1/8″ with the Autobind 500. This is unique in this machine class!

    The newest generation of RENZ automatic wire comb binding systems are the result of decades of engineering experience and input from our customers worldwide. The versatility and high productivity of this advanced product family fulfills the needs of a wide variety of production situations.

    Short set-up times are very important for economically processing a nearly endless variety of calendars and books. Optimum production rates are achieved by the sophisticated control system which is simple to operate and has automatic error diagnostics.

    Compressed Air required of 7 Bar, 300 L.P Min

  • Rilecart FP 300/2

    Rilecart FP 300/2

    £0.00 ex Vat | £0.00 inc.VAT


    Electric 2:1 round punch
    Manual closer
    Demo model in A1 condition
    Only £695 to clear (RRP £1295)
    Used model also available for £495

    FP 300/2Features:

    Uses 2:1 WireBind Wires in cut-length
    Electric punching with manual closure
    For all diameters with 2:1″ pitch
    Maximum binding length: 300 mm.
    Maximum punching thickness 2 mm.
    Fixed punching bar for 2:1 pitch with round holes.
    Groove to facilitate the insertion in the wire.
    Power supply: 220 V single phase
    Size: cm 47X47X17
    Weight: 20 kg

    Technical specifications:

    Power supply: 220 V single phase
    Size: cm 47X47X17
    Weight: 20 kg

  • Kugler Womako Calendar Binding Line

    Kugler Womako Calendar Binding Line

    £30.00 ex Vat | £36.00 inc.VAT


    Binding Store are pleased to offer a Kugler Womako calendar binding line in excellent working order. Offered “as is” for £30,000

  • GBC SureBind System 3 Pro

    GBC SureBind System 3 Pro

    Sale! £3,264.00 £1,109.00 ex Vat | £1,330.80 inc.VAT


    We have 1 NEW AND BOXED GBC Sure bind System 3 Pro available at an unbeleivable 66% discount. RRP for this machine is £3264+VAT.

    Our price is £1109+VAT

    The SureBind System 3 Pro is a high volume, high capacity strip binding machine. This heavy duty system easily punches and binds large documents. The pressure bar simply lifts up and returns to indicate when binding is complete and is adjustable for faster turnaround on smaller presentations. Punch more efficiently with your choice of push button, punch-sensor or foot pedal operation. There is also an option to automatically debind doocuments if needed. This machine can bind securely documents up to 750 sheets.

    Binds up to 750 sheets (80gsm)
    Twin motors allows simultaneous punching and binding
    De-bind facility for adding or removing pages
    Electric Punching Throat: Punch up to 26 sheets of 80gsm paper in a single lift
    Special dual blade system ensures a hot blade is always at the right temperature to cut the pins
    Dual Punching Controls: Hands-free foot pedal or push button allows you to choose your preferred punching method
    An optional document bind counter to monitor throughput
    Binds A4 or A5 documents
    Binding cycle 10-18 seconds. (for documents over 1″)
    Binding cycle 8 seconds or less. (for documents under 1″)
    Extra large drawer for paper chips and pin debris
    Adjustable paper alignment guide

  • Mailbag vertical packing machine

    Mailbag vertical packing machine

    £0.00 ex Vat | £0.00 inc.VAT


    Built for mailing: magazines, bulletins, catalogues
    Cost saving by using film instead of paper envelopes
    High performance and easy to use
    2006 Model-ONLY NOW SOLD

    This machine came from a company closure and is in excellent condition. It is complete with the uplifting conveyor,