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  • Rilecart FP 300/2

    Rilecart FP 300/2

    £0.00 ex Vat | £0.00 inc.VAT


    Electric 2:1 round punch
    Manual closer
    Demo model in A1 condition
    Only £695 to clear (RRP £1295)
    Used model also available for £495

    FP 300/2Features:

    Uses 2:1 WireBind Wires in cut-length
    Electric punching with manual closure
    For all diameters with 2:1″ pitch
    Maximum binding length: 300 mm.
    Maximum punching thickness 2 mm.
    Fixed punching bar for 2:1 pitch with round holes.
    Groove to facilitate the insertion in the wire.
    Power supply: 220 V single phase
    Size: cm 47X47X17
    Weight: 20 kg

    Technical specifications:

    Power supply: 220 V single phase
    Size: cm 47X47X17
    Weight: 20 kg

  • Nagel Foldnak 8 Booklet maker

    Nagel Foldnak 8 Booklet maker + Trimmer

    £3,250.00 ex Vat | £3,900.00 inc.VAT


    Precise stapling and accurate folding
    CD booklets up to SRA3
    Short set up times saves time for production
    Max number of booklets per hour 2,000
    2006 Model in excellent condition

    We now have for sale an excellent condition Foldnak 8 and Trimmer. This machine is ideal for short run digital print booklet making.

    Precise stapling, accurate folding – the Nagel Foldnak 8 bookletmaker is extremely versatile, comes with a wide range of standard equipment and requires very little
    set-up time. If the Foldnak 8 is combined with a Nagel
    collator, the units need not be realigned after a format change, since all Nagel units work with a centre register

  • Kugler Womako Calendar Binding Line

    Kugler Womako Calendar Binding Line

    £30.00 ex Vat | £36.00 inc.VAT


    Binding Store are pleased to offer a Kugler Womako calendar binding line in excellent working order. Offered “as is” for £30,000

  • GBC SureBind System 3 Pro

    GBC SureBind System 3 Pro

    Sale! £3,264.00 £1,109.00 ex Vat | £1,330.80 inc.VAT


    We have 1 NEW AND BOXED GBC Sure bind System 3 Pro available at an unbeleivable 66% discount. RRP for this machine is £3264+VAT.

    Our price is £1109+VAT

    The SureBind System 3 Pro is a high volume, high capacity strip binding machine. This heavy duty system easily punches and binds large documents. The pressure bar simply lifts up and returns to indicate when binding is complete and is adjustable for faster turnaround on smaller presentations. Punch more efficiently with your choice of push button, punch-sensor or foot pedal operation. There is also an option to automatically debind doocuments if needed. This machine can bind securely documents up to 750 sheets.

    Binds up to 750 sheets (80gsm)
    Twin motors allows simultaneous punching and binding
    De-bind facility for adding or removing pages
    Electric Punching Throat: Punch up to 26 sheets of 80gsm paper in a single lift
    Special dual blade system ensures a hot blade is always at the right temperature to cut the pins
    Dual Punching Controls: Hands-free foot pedal or push button allows you to choose your preferred punching method
    An optional document bind counter to monitor throughput
    Binds A4 or A5 documents
    Binding cycle 10-18 seconds. (for documents over 1″)
    Binding cycle 8 seconds or less. (for documents under 1″)
    Extra large drawer for paper chips and pin debris
    Adjustable paper alignment guide

  • Mailbag vertical packing machine

    Mailbag vertical packing machine

    £0.00 ex Vat | £0.00 inc.VAT


    Built for mailing: magazines, bulletins, catalogues
    Cost saving by using film instead of paper envelopes
    High performance and easy to use
    2006 Model-ONLY NOW SOLD

    This machine came from a company closure and is in excellent condition. It is complete with the uplifting conveyor,

  • Ibico EP 28 Comb Binder

    Ibico EP 28 Comb Binder

    £0.00 ex Vat | £0.00 inc.VAT


    EP28 Plastic Binding Electric Punch

    Highest production level punch machine for comb binding.

    Punches up to 30 sheets at a time
    Offers both foot pedal and paper switch operation
    Adjustable punch pins handle up to 16″wide paper (28 holes)
    Binds up to A3
    Extra large pull-out drawer for paper chads

  • Ibico EPK 21 Heavy duty comb binder

    Ibico EPK 21 Heavy duty comb binder

    £0.00 ex Vat | £0.00 inc.VAT


    Unused- Direct from main supplier
    Heavy duty comb binding machine
    To clear at £495

    Semi-professional highly durable binding machine ideal for high volume users. With an all metal punch and binding mechanism for high durability, this machine binds up to A4 size documents with a punch capacity of up to 25 sheets of 80gsm paper & a binding capacity of 500 sheets.

    Binds up to A4.
    Punch capacity: 25 sheets (80gsm paper).
    Binding capacity: 500 sheets (51mm diameter combs).
    Electric foot pedal enables rapid punching.
    Margin adjustment and disengageable punch dies for different size documents.

  • 2008 Renz ABL500 Calendar and Book Binding Machine

    2008 Renz ABL500 Calendar and Book Binding Machine

    £0.00 ex Vat | £0.00 inc.VAT


    Binding Store are pleased to offer this excellent condition Renz ABL-500 automatic wire binding machine complete with calendar unit and 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, 7/16″, 1/2″, 9/16″ and 5/8″ closing tools.

    PLC- (SPS-) controlled, data-set-up via touch-screen (MMi)equipped with 3:1 and 2:1 pitch
    working width max. 500 mm x 700 mm
    working width min. 70 mm x 135 mm / without upper stop 70 x 90 mm
    processing of back covers with max. 150 mm oversize (= 850 mm max.)
    for ø 3/16″ – 1″ ( min. ø for calendars with hanger = 1/4″ )
    for book, skip and calendar binding
    automatic despooler and separation paper winder
    conveyor belt 1,5 m length
    compressed air connection prepared (required approx. 7 bar 350 NL / min.)

    On offer for £55,000 Loaded on transport.

  • Durselen PB04-N Paper Drill

    Sale! £29,995.00 £1,650.00 ex Vat | £1,980.00 inc.VAT


    Durselen PB04-N Paper Drill

    Binding Store now have in stock an excellent condition 2006 Durselen PB04N Paper Drill. It comes with a fixed 7 hole Jepperson drill head and can be seen running in our Welwyn Garden City showroom. Individual drill heads can be fitted quickly and easily.

  • Duplo PFI-660 Guillotine

    Duplo PFI-660 Guillotine

    £2,995.00 ex Vat | £3,594.00 inc.VAT


    Binding Store now have in stock a Duplo PFI-660 Guillotine in very good condition.  Fully programmable hydraulic guillotine with 100 programme memory with the abiliy to do 24 cuts on each.  Automatic clamp that is hydraulic.  Light beam safety guards for complete operator safety. Complete with spare blade

    660 Hydraulic Cutter that cuts up to 80mm, ideal for business cards

    With its rugged construction, solid cast-iron frame, and powerful hydraulics, the 660 cutter is designed to meet rigorous workflow demands.

    Please call to arrange a demonstration.

    Offering dependable, precision paper trimming, Duplo’s  660 cutter is constructed of solid cast-iron and powerful hydraulics for long-lasting performance. Accuracy and ease-of-use are ensured by special features such as an eye-level readout that shows paper position in inches, millimeters or Centimeters. Additional features include an illuminated optical cutting line; a foot-powered clamp for cutting difficult stock; false clamp plates to protect super-sensitive stock; and a special “anti-friction surface” that allows trouble-free handling of all types of paper stocks. The 660 accommodates cuts 26.5″ wide and paper heights up to 3.93″.

  • 2008 Renz P500

    2008 Renz P500

    £3,495.00 ex Vat | £4,194.00 inc.VAT


    Binding Store are pleased to offer an excellent condition Renz P-500 heavy duty 500mm wide punch complete with split 3:1 square QSA (quick size adjustment) die. This enables the machine to be used for wide format book work and wide format calendar work. It has a 4mm punch throat giving the ability to do “one caledar one punch” making it very productive.
    working width 500 mm
    punching cycles: 3000 – 3500/h
    punching capacity: 400 – 500/h (depending on the operator)
    max. punching thickness 4.0 mm
    inexpensive QSA dies (quick size adjustment, punch pins individually removable)
    extremely fast exchangeable punch dies
    two-part dies with thumbcut
    dimensions: 745 x 500 x 480 mm
    weight: 150 kg
    motor: 230/400 V, 50 Hz (3ph.), 1,1 kW
    Option: logistic desk with left and right working platforms to improve the work flow (higher output) complete length including punch 1700 x 650 mm


    This machine is offered for £3495 saving over 50% on a new model.

  • Renz RSB360 Wire Binding Machine

    Renz RSB360 Wire Binding Machine

    £8,550.00 ex Vat | £10,260.00 inc.VAT


    This Renz RSB 360 wire binding machine is a 1995 model and is in good working condition. The machine is complete with all tools and manuals*. RRP for this machine was £22,445+VAT so will be a real bargain for some one for £5995+VAT.


    • mechnical speed of 2000 cycles per hour for all book thicknesses and lengths!
    • can be equipped for binding wire diameters ranging from 1/4″ to 1″ in 3:1 and 2:1 pitch
    • closing unit is adjustable for books up to 20 mm thickness
    • very low noise, all electric operation
    • no compressed air needed
    • binding width from 60 to 360 mm
    • minimum skill level required for operation
    • cam-controlled-highest reliability
    • easy to operate control system
    • for binding books and calendars using a single section of wire (no skip binding or calendar hanger
  • 2005 Duplo PFI 660 Guillotine

    2005 Duplo PFI 660 Guillotine

    Sale! £5,995.00 £4,000.00 ex Vat | £4,800.00 inc.VAT


    Binding Store now have for sale an immaculate condition Duplo PFI-660 Mk2 guillotine. The machine was installed new at a university inplant and has been maintained on a main dealer service contract from new. This model has the extended side tables and is single phase. It comes complete with 4 blades and 9 cutting sticks. It also has the operators / service manual and original tool kit.

    It will make an excellent contribution to any digital or litho printers.

    This guillotine really is in immaculate condition and can be viewed running at our St. Albans showroom.

  • Stago PB1006- Paper drill

    Sale! £1,895.00 £600.00 ex Vat | £720.00 inc.VAT

    2014 Stago 1006 Paper drill in immaculate condition.
    Single spindle drill
    Bench top hand lever operation
    Drilling Ø 2–8 mm
    Complete with the optional sliding table with programme shaft- 6 of the most popular drilling patterns (4 hole, 2 hole A4 and A5……)

    No. of drilling spindles  1
    Drilling spindle distance  –
    Drilling diameter  2-8mm
    Drilling speeds  2400 U/min
    Drill types  High-performance-steel, hard chrome, titanium / glide coating / detontation-coated
    Drilling depth max.  40mm
    Table size, fix table  450 x 360mm / 650 x 450mm
    Table size, sliding table  450 x 360mm / 650 x 450mm
    Throat depth 48mm
    Displacement up to  260mm
    Paper size  up to DIN A3
    Materials Paper / plastic / leather
    Power supply  230V / 50Hz (alternative 115V / 60Hz)
    Drive output  0,12kW
    Machine Dimensions (H/W/D) 475 (510) / 450 / 360mm

    Weight 15kg fix table / 21kg sliding table
    Certified by  GS / CE

  • stago-hm12-stab-saddle-stapler

    Stago HM12 BS-Saddle/stab staple

    Sale! £3,150.00 £1,250.00 ex Vat | £1,500.00 inc.VAT

    Electric flat or saddle stapling
    Flat stapling up to 12mm
    Precise – versatile – robust
    Guide price £3150+VAT
    Call us for current offer price

    Machine type automatic
    Number of stapling heads  1
    Flat stapling up to  2-120 sheets (12mm, stapling capacity with 80g paper)
    Saddle stapling  in BS-construction version
    Paper sizes  up to DIN A3
    Table for flat stapling  yes
    Table for saddle stapling  in BS-construction
    Throat depth 213mm
    Staples (sizes)  64/6-17, 36/6-8
    Loop staples (sizes)  –
    Loads of magazine  400 / 500 pieces
    Supplies packaging size 5000 pieces
    Power supply  230V / 50Hz (alternative 115V / 60Hz)
    Drive output  0,1kW
    Machine Dimensions (H/W/D) 275 / 620 / 630mm
    470 / 620 / 600mm

    Weight 36kg
    Certified by  GS / CE