Used Renz ECL 500 Electric Wire Closing Machine

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Product Description

Binding Store are pleased to offer this great condition, 2014 Renz ECL 500 Electric Wire Closing Machine. The ECL 500 is an electric Wire closer, with a working width of 500mm. The Renz ECL 500 Electric Wire Closing Machine will close wires diameters of 3/16″ up to 1 1/2″.  This wire closer is operated by a foot pedal and therefore gives the use of both hands to have complete control over the document.

Electric RENZ RING WIRE closing machines, no effort required. A user-friendly solution to wire bind all your products quickly and easily.

  • Quick size adjustment for fast wire diameter set up
  • Integrated ring wire hanging device for comfortable working
  • Binds up to 340 sheets
  • Fast and consistent bind cycle from the first to the last document every time
  • Binds the largest diameter 1 1/2“ (38 mm) RENZ RING WIRE
  • Automatic protection safety switch
  • Parallel adjustment guarantees a perfect bind every time

Why we love the Renz ECL 500:

  • Accurate control
  • Integrated safety elements
  • Easy adjustments

Technical data ECL 500

  •     Working width up to 500 mm (20″)
  •     Up to 1.500 closing cycles per hour with or without calendar hangers
  •     For all binding wires up to 38 mm = 1 1/2″ regardless of pitch
  •     Integrated safety device helps prevent finger injuries and provides optimal operator protection
  •     Solid metal construction, suitable for book binderies, copy shops, in-house printing departments, etc.
  •     Quick and easy adjustment to wire diameter takes only a few seconds
  •     Integrated binding part
  •     Connection: 115 V / 60 Hz or 230 V / 50 Hz
  •     Dimensions L x W x H: 21″ x 25″ x 8″ (53 x 64 x 20 cm)
  •     Weight: 88 lbs (40 kg)


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