What is plastic Comb Binding?

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What is plastic comb binding?  If this is question you have asked then this article can offer some advice and information that will help you to understand what plastic comb binding is all about and if it is there right binding style for your needs.

Comb binding is an easy way to add that professional touch to your documents, reports and books.  It is a cheap way to bind documents and books as well compared to some methods as comb binding machines and supplies do not have to cost a lot.  Binding Store supply comb binding machines that cost under £100 all the way up to your more heavy duty comb binders that cost thousands of pounds.  A machine such as a Renz Combi V comb binding machine is a popular manual comb binder that costs a few hundred pounds and would be ideal for small offices and schools. It punches 21 holes on A4 and will punch up to 25 sheets (80gsm) in one punch cycle and then will close the plastic combs in another motion.

Comb binding machines offer several different benfits to the users.  Below are some key advantages for people looking to com bind:

  • Comb binding offers the ability to reopen bound documents and books after the spine has been closed.  This is great for people to add new content and pages to things such as portfolios and reports.
  • Plastic combs are excellent for binding thick documents.  Sizes range from 6mm up to a large 52mm that allows for almost 500 pages of 80gsm paper to be bound.  This is considerably more than wire binding and spiral binding.
  • Price.  Plastic combs are very cheap to buy.  You can look to buy 100 units of 14 mm for under £15 and this size wil accomodate up to 110 sheets.
  • Personalisation.  Combs allow for the spine to be printed on therefore adding a personal feel to documents and books.