What to look for when buying a used machine

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At Binding Store we supply a lot of used print finishing equipment which in turn provides a cost effective solution to our customers who may not have the budget to afford a new machine.  With this in mind we would like to give an insight in to several things to look out for when buying a used machine:

Has the Used Machine Been Well-Looked After?

One of the simplest ways to first tell if a machine is worth the money you are about to pay is cleanliness of the machine.  If the machine is clean it shows pride and care has been shown to the machine over it’s lifetime and this in turn gives a good indication that the machine has not been abused and well maintained.  Be sure to check the inside of the machine as well for signs such as rust.

Check Out the Machine’s Service History

When viewing a machine always ask to see the service book.  This will give an indication as to history, previous checks and any parts that have been replaced.  The service book should also show previous owners and installation dates.  Looking in to previous owners can be good to determine what sort of workload has been put on the machine over time much like mileage on a car.

Make Sure You Get All the Extras

Make sure that everything is included in the selling price.  By this we suggest you ask for operator manuals, parts manuals, electrical diagrams, all correct tooling (closing tools, punch tools etc.)  If you are purchasing a paper punch make sure that the dies of the machine are sharpened as they can become blunt overtime.

Speak to the Production Manager

Get an idea of how the machine operates from the production manager.  Sometimes when buying a used machine you deal with the accounts department or managing director who don’t actually operate the machine.  Ask to speak with the production manager who is probably the most familiar with the machine and they will be able to give a more accurate view on running it.  This is getting an honest opinion of operation straight from the horses mouth.

Work out the ROI on your Used Print-Finishing Machine

ROI – Return on investment.  Used print finishing equipment can still be expensive and parting with a large amount of money can be worrying for some business’s.  We understand that return on investment is a key factor for people when buying machinery.  Be sure to have an idea of jobs lined up and how these are being charged for and work out how quickly you are likely to make back the money you paid for the machine.  This can give you a peace of mind that the initial outlay has been profitable in the long run.  With a used machine the return on investment is usually quicker because of the lower price compared to a brand new machine.

Any Outstanding Finance on the Machine?

Some used print finishing equipment we look at can have outstanding finance attached to it.  Be careful when buying some machines and be sure to ask the seller if there is any outstanding finance as once you have brought the machine you may still not fully own the machine and a finance company can seize it until every last penny is paid.  At Binding Store we make sure that all our machines have NO finance history outstanding and do not sell machines with an outstanding balance.

Research the Model

Do some research in to the machine and see if it is a current model.  Sometimes there may be a later version of the machine out there which could be more suitable for your needs.  Also check what power supply the machine uses.  A lot of larger binding and print finishing equipment will use 3 phase power.

Are Product Training and Installation offered?

What is offered with the machine?  At Binding Store we offer full product training and installation on all binding and finishing equipment to make sure the operator is able to use the machine straight away.  More often than not a warranty is not offered on used machinery but depending on what machine it is we can sometimes offer a short term warranty, just to ensure that the machine is in full working condition as advertised.

Check how your Used Machine Operates

View the machine running before buying.  At Binding Store we make videos of all our machines to show customers that the machines we are advertising are in full working condition. This adds a bit of security to buyers who may not be able to visit our showroom in Hemel Hempstead that what they are buying does work.  We are always here for demonstrations, which really give the buyer an up-close look at operating the machine.