Renz Eco 360 Comfort-Plus
renz-eco-360-comfortplusrenz-eco-360-comfortplus-1renz-eco-360-comfortplus-2renz-lamigo-a4Renz Eco 360 Comfort-Plus

Renz Eco 360 Comfort-Plus

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Renz Eco 360 ComfortPlus

Binding Store are excited to offer this new release model from Renz, the Renz Eco 360 Comfort-Plus in 3:1 pitch which is an electric punching and manual binding machine. This machine is designed for everyday use and perfect for any office or digital printing environment. The Renz Eco 360 Comfort-Plus takes the manual labour out of punching with it’s compact foot pedal.

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The Renz Eco 360 Comfort-Plus stands for a substantially improved punching speed compared with the current Renz Comfort series. The Comfort Plus’ higher speed is achieved using a new motor which is twice as powerful making it an overall better punching system. The new Comfort Plus machines replace the current models SRW 360 comfort, eco 360 comfort, ERW and eco E – we will continue to have stock of these and will list their availability and quantity stock.

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