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Professional binding systems available. An extensive range of automatic and semi automatic wire and calendar binding machinery. We stock new and used professional binding equipment with all leading brands such as Renz, Rilecart and James Burn International. Whether you are a small bindery looking to expand or an established large bindery wanting to upgrade your current equipment to more modern or inline binding systems, we can offer advice and a solution to your professional binding needs.

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  • Renz Mobi 360 Wire Binding Machine

    Renz Mobi 360 Wire Binding Machine

    Sale! £23,490.00 £21,141.00 ex Vat | £25,369.20 inc.VAT

    The Renz Mobi 360 Wire Calendar binding Machine is a semi-automatic mobile wire binder for book, skip and calendar binding designed for the digital on-demand market.  The touch screen is simple to use and allows for quick format changes to be made with ease.  Very little training is required on the Mobi 360 therefore meaning several operators can be trained to use it.  The Mobi 360 will process wires from the small 1/4″ up to the large 1 1/4″ in both 3:1 and 2:1 pitches.  Simple adjustment to the machine means no additional tools are needed to change wire sizes.

    The Mobi 360 is on wheels therefore giving the flexibility for the machine to be easily stored away when not in production.  The machine is single phase and does not require compressed air to operate.

    •     Touch pad make ready allows for rapid format changes
    •     No special training needed
    •     Short set up times using motorised changeover process
    •     binding length: max. 360 mm
    •     Fully equipped for working with 12 wire diameters- 1/4″ – 1 1/4″(no extra tools needed)
    •     electrical connection 230 V, single phase, 50 cycles
    •     No compressed air required
    •     Prepunched products are hand-inserted, then automatically transported into the closing station, closed and ejected.
    •     An outstanding product using proven technology

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  • Rilecart TSR-500 Wire Spool Cutter

    Rilecart TSR-500 Wire Spool Cutter

    £0.00 ex Vat | £0.00 inc.VAT

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    Specifically designed to allow binderies, printing centres and owners of manual binders to cut wire spool reels for manual insertion. The TSR-500 can cut Wire spools to virtually any length and dimension starting form a minimum of three rings. A microprocessor controls the cutting process.

    The computer is pre-set with the required number of WireBind rings and lengths. Once activated by foot pedal the machine automatically feeds the spiral through and is controlled with a foot pedal.

    The unit can easily be controlled with foot pedals while the operator feeds the spiral, thus removing the need to wait for the completion of the cycle prior to feeding the next wire element.
    Adjustable for all diameters, form 3/16” to 1¼”
    4:1, 3:1 and 2:1 pitches
    Cutting lengths specified for number of rings and quantity
    Foot controlled or continuous cycle
    Unwinder included
    Optional automatic paper extraction

    Technical Specifications

    Power supply: 220V. single phase
    Power drive: 0,75 Kw
    Size: 550 x 450 x 350 mm
    Weight: 25Kg
    Unwinder weight: 30Kg

  • Renz Inline 500 Automatic Wire Binding Machine

    Renz Inline 500 Automatic Wire Binding Machine

    £140,999.00 ex Vat | £169,198.80 inc.VAT

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    The Renz Inline 500 Wire Binding Machine consists of the Renz ABL 500 Wire binder and the Renz ASM 500 Punching Module to make up a fully automatic punch and bind system

    Fully automatic wire binding line for calendars and books, with the option of skip binding to.  Both 2:1 and 3:1 punch dies are available for the ASM 500 punch module and this are QSA for changeovers in under 1 minute.  Wire diameters from 3/16″ up to 1″ can be used on this machine on both pitches.

    Fully automatic wire comb binding line consisting of: ASM 500 Punching Module and ABL 500 Automatic Binding Line:

    •     Versatile and efficient binding with ABL 500 as a stand alone machine, punching and binding with Inline 500 for runs as small as 100 copies
    •     Format range limits: binding side from 70 to 500 mm [on request 520 mm]
    •     Unbound side from 90 to 700 mm
    •     extended covers to + 150 mm [max. 850 mm]
    •     Hight output: Up to 2.200 punching cycles per hour
    •     Up to 1.700 binding cycles per hour


    Bind a wide variety of calendars and books in three different ways:

    •     Fully automatic in-line operation for books and calendars up to a thickness of 4 mm. Work flow: feeding the paper onto the machine – punching – binding – turning cover page [DBW] – output
    •     Multiple feeding of manually separated punch layers for books and calendars with a thickness of >=4 mm.Work flow: manual separation of layers – feeding – punching – assembling – binding – turning cover page DBW – output
    •     Operation with uncoupled ABL 500 – automatic binding line. Work flow: feeding punched paper – binding – turning cover page DBW – output

    The ASM 500 punching unit can be added to the stand-alone ABL 500 at any time.

  • Renz Mobi 500 Wire Binding Machine

    Renz Mobi 500 Wire Binding Machine

    £21,750.00 ex Vat | £26,100.00 inc.VAT

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    The Renz Mobi 500 Wire Binding Machine is a professional wire binder that will book, skip and calendar bind documents up to 500mm wide.  Easy set up and simple programming on the touch screen makes the Renz Mobi 500 user friendly and allows for 1 operator to run this machine with ease.

    Semi-automatic, mobile wire binding machine for book, skip and calendar binding

    •     Completely equipped to close 13 wire diameters from 1/4″ – 1 1/4″ (6,9 – 32 mm).
    •     skip binding: up to 3 times possible.
    •     Touch screen allows user-friendly setting.
    •     Thort setup time for diameter change 5 – 10 min.
    •     No fine tuning required with Renz Ring Wire® loops
    •     Electric spool lift for easy leading
    •     No compressed air necessary.
    •     Very low noise level.
    •     No special training required


    •     max. binding width: 500 mm
    •     min. binding width: 100 mm
    •     possible diameters: 1/4″ to 1 1/4″
    •     mechanical speed p/hr: > 1000 cycles
    •     practical speed p/hr* 800 books, 700 calendars
    •     pitch: 3:1, 2:1
    •     power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz or 110 V, 60 Hz.

    *depends on product, logistics and operator

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  • Renz Autobind 500 Wire Binding Machine

    Renz Autobind 500 Wire Binding Machine

    £26,029.00 ex Vat | £31,234.80 inc.VAT

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    The Renz Autobind 500 and 700 Wire Binding machines are semi automatic wire binding systems that will produce books and calendars.  The Renz AB 500 has a working width of up to 500mm and the Renz AB 700 a woring widht of up to 700mm

    It is possible to close diameters from Ø 3/16″up to Ø 1 1/8″ with the Autobind 500 and 700. This is unique in this machine class!  Both machines alow for 4:1, 3:1 and 2:1 pitch wires to be used.  The quick format change means switch overs can be done in 1 minute, ideal for high productivity.  Both machines only require 1 operator.

    The newest generation of RENZ automatic wire comb binding systems are the result of decades of engineering experience and input from our customers worldwide. The versatility and high productivity of this advanced product family fulfills the needs of a wide variety of production situations.

    Short set-up times are very important for economically processing a nearly endless variety of calendars and books. Optimum production rates are achieved by the sophisticated control system which is simple to operate and has automatic error diagnostics.

    Compressed Air required of 7 Bar, 300 L.P Min

  • Renz ABL 500 Automatic Binding Machine

    Renz ABL 500 Automatic Binding Machine

    £0.00 ex Vat | £0.00 inc.VAT

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    The Renz ABL 500 Wire Binding Machine has been designed to be used with the Renz ASM 500 Punch Unit to create the Renz Inline 500 Automatic punching and binding system.

    Versatile and efficient binding with ABL 500 as stand-alone machine, or punching and binding with Inline 500 for runs as short as 100 copies

    Extremely fast on-screen resetting of the whole line – 2 to 30 minutes using digital and QSA (Quick Size Adjustment) technology

    Automatic binding line (prepared for modular extension with ASM 500 punch unit to INLINE 500)

    •     PLC- (SPS-) controlled, data-set-up via touch-screen (MMi)equipped with 3:1 and 2:1 pitch
    •     working width max. 500 mm x 700 mm
    •     working width min. 70 mm x 135 mm / without upper stop 70 x 90 mm
    •     processing of back covers with max. 150 mm oversize (= 850 mm max.)
    •     for ø 3/16″ – 1″ ( min. ø for calendars with hanger = 1/4″ )
    •     for book, skip and calendar binding
    •     automatic despooler and separation paper winder
    •     conveyor belt 1,5 m length
    •     compressed air connection prepared (required approx. 7 bar 350 NL / min.)