World famous Sotheby’s choose Renz binding solutions

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At Binding Store we were excited when the world famous Sothebys auction house contacted us about upgrading their in-house binding equipment.  Sotheby’s have a dedicated print department that ensures that auction brochures, leaflets and information booklets are to the highest standards you would expect for such a prestigious corporation.

Sotheby's Auction House, London

After discussing what exactly the print department needed we came up with the best solution that would maintain the high quality binding of documents but also without having to differ to much from what was already in place.  We suggested that a Renz DTP 340M punch with a 3:1 round hole die would be the suitable, with a Renz ECL 360 electric closer to finish off the binding process with ease.  We visited Sotheby’s with both machines, set them up in the most work efficient way and gave full product training to the team of 6 who will be using the binding equipment on a daily basis.

Sotheby's training

Once we had finished giving the training we made sure that all the team were comfortable with the operation of the machines, took some questions and let the staff have a go on the new equipment to familiarise themselves fully.  Since the installation we have received a call from the head of the department to express her happiness with how much the equipment has made a difference to production.

As always here at Binding Store we are happy to answer any questions you may have, help you find the best solution or take you through a demonstration on any equipment.